Open an account for cryptocurrencies in 2022 at banks in Europe

Open an account for cryptocurrencies in 2022 at banks in Europe

Cryptocurrency is in demand, but banks in Europe are in no hurry to work with it. Previously, they often froze accounts if a user used them to work with a cryptocurrency exchange. Now the situation has improved, and the list of cryptocurrency-friendly banks has expanded. Today we will talk about where and how to open a cryptocurrency account in 2022 at banks in Europe.


Nuri is the former German bank Bitwala, available through a mobile app. A user who opens a cryptocurrency bank account at Nuri can earn bitcoins directly from it, including using a Visa debit card.

Key features:

  • Nuri partners with Solarisbank, where it places cryptocurrency accounts. This allows you to insure deposits up to €100,000;
  • Visa debit card with unlimited free ATM withdrawals;
  • Crypto portfolio, buying and selling bitcoins and Ethereum;
  • Ability to earn 5% interest from your bitcoin savings account;
  • Secure wallets and storage for cryptocurrencies;
  • Cryptocurrency account opening is free;
  • No account management fee;
  • Commission for trading - 1%;
  • Ability to set up regular payments to automatically buy/sell bitcoins, Ethereum every month;
  • Instant withdrawal and conversion to euros.

Fidor Bank

Fidor Bank is a German online bank that became a top choice for crypto-enthusiasts in 2014 by becoming a partner of the German exchange, to which it offers a direct connection. It also cooperates with the crypto exchange Kraken.

Fidor Bank operates only in Germany but is one of the most digital currency-friendly banks. Fidor Bank's cryptocurrency bank account maintenance fee is €5, but if a user makes 10 transactions per month from a Fidor Smart account, the payment is refunded.


Monzo is an online bank that operates in the UK. Its customers can work with major exchanges (including Coinbase) to buy cryptocurrency as part of a personal account. The advantage of the Monzo bank account for cryptocurrencies is the absence of card payment fees.


Revolut is a digital bank that has 15 million clients all over the world, including in the EU countries, USA and UK. The account opening is fast and requires a minimum of personal information: passport and selfies. The Visa card can be ordered through the app. No fee is required.

The platform offers users who have opened a bank account for cryptocurrencies with Revolut a direct switch to digital currency at the touch of a button. The bank allows customers to change and trade tokens and other types of digital currency, charging a 2.5% purchase fee and an additional 0.5% if trading exceeds £1,000. To reduce the fee to 1.5%, you can switch to a Premium or Metal plan.


BankProv, formerly known as The Provident Bank, has been around for over 200 years, making it one of the oldest banks in the United States. It advertises itself as a leader in FinTech, and without knowing its history, you might think it's a startup. In addition to traditional banking, it offers:

  • cryptocurrency banking;
  • secure storage for digital money;
  • fast transfers;
  • deposit insurance;
  • new forms of lending secured by crypto deposits.

The bank pays special attention to legal entities. Cryptocurrency bank account at BankProv is willingly opened by crypto exchanges, crypto-mining operators, large investment companies, as well as companies that produce crypto machines.


Wirex is not a bank in the literal sense, but it gives crypto-enthusiasts an interesting offer - a Mastercard payment card, which is more profitable than Monzo or Revolut.

The reason the platform is compared to a bank is that it supports crypto and standard banking services (including a multi-currency account and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies). Since the platform is not a bank, transfers are instant. The exchange fee is 0%. Also, Wirex has its own token (WXT), the owner of which has more opportunities to work with cryptocurrency.

For users who have opened a bank account for cryptocurrencies in Wirex, the platform offers three plans. The basic one is free, but cryptocurrency work is limited. If you need more access, you have to use the paid option.

Where to open a bank account for cryptocurrency in Europe

If you want to quickly open a cryptocurrency account in 2022 in Europe, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you.

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