How to open an offshore in Estonia quickly: instructions

How to open an offshore in Estonia quickly: instructions

Estonia is ideal for non-residents who want to save on taxes and enter the EU market. Estonians have developed an e-Residency program for foreigners, which allows them to obtain a state ID card. Its owner receives a lot of opportunities, including a digital signature, to open an offshore in Estonia in a few days.

How to register a business from scratch

Despite the apparent simplicity, trust the registration of the company specialists IT-OFFSHORE. Although it takes a couple of minutes to fill out a form, it is important to have the paperwork correct, otherwise you may receive a rejection or delay registration.

Stage One. Preparing

The registration of a company begins with the choice of its name. It is important to find a unique name, which is not in the electronic business register. If it duplicates or resembles the name of another company, the regulator will notify, and a new option will have to be proposed.

Next, you need to fill out an online form on the portal of the electronic commercial register. You will need to provide our specialist with the following information:

  • Data of the company - address, e-mail, phone number, occupation, describe it in detail;
  • Information about each member of the board, the shareholders;
  • The authorized capital, which contributed each shareholder. The total amount should coincide with the final amount of the authorized capital.

Before you apply for registration of an offshore in Estonia 2022, we recheck all the data, and then you must pay the required fees.

Step two. Electronic residence card

Next we need to confirm that all members of the board, shareholders have e-residency card. If not, the applicant will not even be able to go to the portal, where the registration of the company takes place, so we check this point before registration. To avoid delaying it, we recommend applying for status right away.

To become an e-Resident, you need to apply in the e-Residency application, indicating your nationality, date of birth, personal data, photo. While waiting for status confirmation, the registration application can be saved and tracked as each participant's signature appears.

Each participant who has obtained e-residency must digitally sign a company registration agreement. To do this, an email with a link to sign will be sent to their personal email account. If it does not arrive, the link can be requested again. Read the agreement carefully before signing it.

Step 3: Completing the registration

When all signatures are affixed and checked, you will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your corporate account. You click on it and click "Done.

Then, an application for registration of the company in the Registry is submitted, which must be signed by each company member. After paying the state duty, the application goes to work. The regulator checks the data, and if everything is in order, registers the company. The owner receives a document, which will contain the registration code of the company. This code must be included in every bill that will be issued to customers.

How long does it take to register

The process of opening a company takes from 5 to 10 days if all members and shareholders are e-residents. If not, you must wait until the status is obtained. This process takes 3 to 6 weeks.

Opening a bank account

To complete business registration in Estonia 2022 you need to open a bank account. It is not easy to do, that is why many people prefer an neobank to a traditional bank. Specialists of our company will help you to choose the right one and collect documents.

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