How to buy a ready-made offshore with a nominal service

How to buy a ready-made offshore with a nominal service

If you want to save on taxes, own an offshore business. There are two ways to do it: register or buy a ready-made offshore company. Registration may take several months, so if you want to get down to business as soon as possible, we recommend buying a ready-made offshore company with an account and nominal service.

Features of buying offshore company

A ready-made offshore company is a company that has already been registered with the authorities, has all the necessary corporate documents on hand. They are divided into 2 types:

  • Shelf company - a company that was created specifically for sale. It has an absolutely clean history, it has not taken any loans, it has not been involved in any dark stories. Accordingly, there are no debts. Choosing such a company, look at the age - the older the organization, the more confidence it enjoys from customers;
  • A working enterprise - here you need a thorough check. The more successful the firm, the more expensive it is. If the company is on the edge of bankruptcy, has a pile of debts, is connected with fraud, when buying it, you can lose a lot.
    When buying both the first and second option is possible to purchase not only a firm, but also a ready-made bank account.

The stages of buying a ready-made business

To buy a ready-made offshore company with an account, you need to:

  • Contact IT-OFFSHORE. We have a list of companies for sale, among which you will find the right option;
  • Choose a company based on the criteria you require;
  • Pay upfront to reserve the company. This will ensure that no one will steal it from under your nose;
  • Provide documents for purchase - passport, power of attorney to our company if you can not come to the country and proof of residency.

After the sale, we will start the re-registration process. When the company changes ownership it is necessary to notify the state authorities, tax office, bank, etc. When the property rights will be registered to the client, he/she will receive corporate documents, stamp, bank account.

If you are not going to live in the country of incorporation, and company representatives must be here by law, we provide services of nominal service (secretary, director, manager, etc.). We will also advise on the peculiarities of doing business in this jurisdiction so that no problems arise.

Terms of purchasing offshore

Purchase of a ready-made business is not in one day, but in any case faster than the registration from scratch. Registration of the transaction at the notary usually goes quickly, within a few hours. It will take a few days to re-register the business (depends on the laws of the selected country).

How much does an offshore business cost

The price of a business depends on the country where it is registered, its age, history. It is also worth considering such costs:

  • state services;
  • notary's services;
  • sending documents;
  • office rent;
  • additional services included in the purchase - a bank account, nominee employees.

How to buy offshore quickly and profitably

To buy a ready-made offshore company with nominal service in 2022, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you.

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