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Open an offshore in Gibraltar 2021 inexpensively

Registration of an offshore company in Gibraltar 2021


Registration of an offshore company in Gibraltar 2021 is relevant to save and increase the size of capital. Loyal tax policy allows profitable optimization of taxation and the use of nominal service, to trade without limits abroad.

Peculiarities of registration

The most frequent is the opening of an offshore in Gibraltar in 2021 in the form of a joint stock company of a closed type. In addition, it is possible to register a limited partnership, a joint stock company with limited or unlimited liability.  

Non-resident company in Gibraltar can not engage in insurance activities or provide banking services, to engage in other areas related to the financial sector. The most frequently opened bookmaker's offices in this territory.

It is important to keep in mind that there is a list of services that can provide only if a special license from the Commission. It is very difficult for a non-resident company to obtain such a document.

Basic conditions and steps

To open a private firm in Gibraltar, the presence of at least two members of the board is required. Regular financial reporting of the company is necessary. It is mandatory to file reports on the company's financial situation with the fiscal authorities every year. The minimum share capital must be at least 2000 local pounds.

When registering a publicly traded company the capital figure must be at least 20,000 local pounds. There is a restriction on the size of the share and its transfer to third parties.

It is possible to use zero rate of taxes in the territory if directors who do not reside within the territory and are located in other free zones are in control. Another condition is the absence of commercial activities of the company within the jurisdiction.

Among the pluses of registration is the absence of taxes on capital gains, profits or gifts. It is possible to open a bank account in any country. High level of anonymity, the territory has a positive reputation. The registration procedure is relatively simple, the use of nominal service is available.

To open a company you will need to fill out an application for registration, prove the legality of the origin of capital. It is necessary to provide proof of address of beneficiaries, directors, shareholders, provide certified copies of identification documents. Contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE to learn more details about business registration.

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