Opening a corporate account in the Czech Republic in 2021

Opening a corporate account in the Czech Republic in 2021

You can open a corporate account in the Czech Republic in 2021 by contacting the experts at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you prepare the documentation according to the requirements of the state and choose a suitable bank with regard to the specifics of your business.

Account opening nuances

Regardless of the chosen bank, you will need documents confirming the fact of business registration and its active state to open a corporate account in the Czech Republic. It is necessary to provide information with the official name of the company, its legal form, and registration number.

The corporate documents must contain information about the founders. The following factors influence the duration of document review:

  • The number of corporate partners;
  • Residences of directors and beneficiaries;
  • Transparency of activities.

Opening a corporate account in the Czech Republic usually requires personal identification and in-country interview.

Top 5 banks

When choosing a financial organization, it is advisable to pay attention to its reputation, the products offered, and which clients it mostly cooperates with. It is recommended to get acquainted with the requirements, tariffs, and duration of account opening.

PPF Banka

This institution works with both medium and large corporate clients and opens personal accounts. It actively cooperates with companies doing international business and offshore firms. To open an account, it is required to have a positive reputation and financial stability of the company, and all the presented information must be reliable.

The bank offers a large number of services - execution of operations with securities, issuance of cards, investment activities, loans, and deposits. You can create an account and make transactions in different currencies, with which the bank works.


CSOB bank is one of the oldest and best-known banks in the Czech Republic with branches in Slovakia. Services are available to individuals regardless of residency. It is possible to open an account remotely, and there are no conditions regarding the turnover.

Documents of good standing of the company, statutory data, and trust declarations are required. The bank offers convenient Internet banking, insurance services, and card issuance. The bank works with offshore companies, and the multi-currency deposit facility is availableas well.

Ceska Sporitelna

Ceska Sporitelna bank cooperates with legal entities and individuals, offering flexible working conditions. It is possible to create an offshore account, and there are no mandatory daily limits. It is offered to create an account remotely.

Identification documentation and certificates of good standing will be required. Managers must provide scanned copies of passports, as well as contact information.

FIO Banka

This is one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic and is a part of the FIO financial group. There is an opportunity to create current and deposit accounts, savings, as well as personal and corporate deposits.

To open an account with FIO Banka you need to visit a bank branch. Finances are managed through online banking. There is no Russian-speaking staff. It is possible to open an account for companies from the EU and other countries.

Sberbank CZ

Offers a wide range of services for individuals, as well as small, medium and large businesses. It is possible to open an account with Sberbank CZ for persons who are registered in the country. It is possible to manage the deposit through online banking. There is staff, speaking English, Russian and Czech.

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