Peculiarities of opening a company in Delaware and secrets of successful business

Peculiarities of opening a company in Delaware and secrets of successful business

Non-residents in Delaware can open a category C corporation. Such a company will have the status of a full legal entity, which can conduct any non-prohibited business and is liable for its obligations with assets. A license may be required when conducting business in the state.

Advantages of opening a company

Registering a corporation in Delaware in 2021 is relevant. It's easy enough to open a business in the territory, given the loyal tax policies and a high degree of business protection.

Key benefits are the following:

  • One person is eligible to hold all positions;
  • There are no conditions regarding the smallest account balance;
  • Any share price can be set;
  • It is possible to open a business in Delaware in 2021 remotely;
  • The cost of starting a firm is relatively low;
  • There are no strict reporting requirements.

A special feature of corporations is that they pay a levy on income, while at the time dividends are paid to the founders. C-corporations are considered payers of corporate income tax and dividend tax. Contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE to learn the nuances of opening a corporation.

Nuances of opening

Foreigners can open C-corporations. These entities are authorized to issue different classes and types of stock. Beforehand, it is necessary to choose a name that is unique. The corporation is considered established once a certificate is filed with the Secretary of State. The documentation can be sent by e-mail or regular mail.

When submitting the application for registration, you must provide information about the name of the corporation and the type of business, the structure, the name of the registration agent, the founders, as well as the shares.

The requirements for the founders are insignificant - they can be individuals, partnerships, foundations, and non-residents. It is necessary to have at least one founder. There are conditions regarding the conclusion of the contract with the registration agent.

Be sure to draw up a charter. The presence of at least one director who is a natural person is required. All corporations that have been incorporated in Delaware must file accounts and pay taxes each year. A legal entity that has been formed by a non-resident must obtain an employer number.

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