Peculiarities of servicing offshore companies

Peculiarities of servicing offshore companies

IT-OFFSHORE specialists offer maintenance of offshore companies. Offshore maintenance starts at $1,000. With the help of experienced experts you will be able to choose the most suitable jurisdiction for tax optimization and open an account in a foreign financial institution or payment system.

The necessity of opening an offshore

There are several reasons for registering an offshore company. It is necessary to protect assets and transfer them by inheritance. It is possible to open a firm to diversify one's assets and circumvent currency restrictions. It is possible to open an offshore company for the purpose of effective ownership of the real estate, courts, etc.

Placing your own assets in different countries leads to reducing the risk of their loss. You can ensure your anonymity as a beneficial owner. In most tax-exempt jurisdictions, businesses are serviced by agents who are licensed to do so.

Agent's functions:

  • Simplifying the procedure for opening an offshore;
  • Drawing up the constituent documents;
  • Working with the registrar for incorporation;
  • Providing an office;
  • Supervision of the nominal service.

A user of services will need to consult with an agent and provide the necessary documentation, a list of company names. In addition, it will be required to select the optimum Limited Liability Company and the amount of capital, payment of fees as well as fees for services of notary and agent.

Offshore companies in 2021 can be serviced remotely through the services of an agent. After incorporation, the owner receives the documentation package by courier.

What documents will be required

A company can be incorporated within an offshore by foreign individuals or legal entities. In this case, the entrepreneur does not need to register the company in her/his own name, she/he may do so in the name of her/his own existing company. The incorporator can get the position of director, but usually, at least one manager with a local address is required.

What information is required for incorporation:

  • Identification information;
  • Founder information;
  • Articles of Incorporation;
  • Certificate of Incorporation.

In addition, some unique names, information about the directors and shareholders and the proposed activity will be required. The registrar may request additional information if necessary.

After the company registration is complete, the owner receives the incorporation information to serve. This includes the certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation and bylaws, and power of attorney for the right to arrange transactions.

Service can be ordered with the appointment of a nominee in the form of a director. Nominee service is usually ordered from an agent. The nominee is an employee of the administrator who serves the company.

The cost of service varies depending on the country of incorporation of the company and the number of services that have been ordered from the agent. The price starts from $1,000, but it can rise with some services.

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