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Open an offshore in the UAE 2021 remotely

Is it possible to open a company remotely in the UAE in 2021


Opening a company in the UAE in 2021 is in demand, as such a company becomes a highly profitable tool. With the help of a company you can solve various business problems. Registration allows you to conduct business, legally optimizing taxation. It is possible to use the tools of international tax planning and obtain resident status.

The nuances of opening a local company

Registering a company remotely in the UAE in 2021 provides limitless business opportunities.

Why it's worth opening a company remotely in the UAE in 2021:

  • You can conduct retail and wholesale trade within the country;
  • One can sell goods online all over the world;
  • It is allowed to work in a wide range of services;
  • Allowed to participate in tenders;
  • Can conduct international business activities;
  • It is possible to issue a license;
  • Registration of residence permit in the UAE;
  • Use of rental services.

Local businesses have some features that are not peculiar to other types of firms. The presence of a local partner is mandatory. Registering a local company will require renting premises. To work in some areas, you need to get a license.

Additional approvals may be required. There are requirements for the number of employees and equipment. It may be necessary to confirm the qualifications of specialists or to rent special specific premises, which will meet the requirements of the jurisdiction.

Relevant areas in which local firms may operate are restaurant business and tourism, transportation, entertainment, educational services, sports and financial products. A local business has the right to own real estate and build holdings. The ultimate beneficiary's details are confidential.

Opening a firm in Freezone

The activities of such companies are limited to the internal territory of the free zone, but enterprises can operate as international. Relevant is opening such a company for trade and production activities, participation in tenders, ownership of assets.

Main advantages:

  • Absence of customs duties;
  • It is possible to legally reduce the taxation;
  • Preservation of anonymity;
  • Obtaining of tax residency.

A company that is registered in Freezone can be fully owned by a foreign investor. A large selection of licenses is offered. In total, there are more than 40 freezones in operation. When choosing a territory for the opening of the company one should consider the availability of required logistics, the prestige of the freezone and the possibility of obtaining a license, the amount of costs for the registration of the business.

Opening an offshore company

Offshore is an effective tool for carrying out international transactions and hiding data on the beneficiaries. Such companies are used for conducting international business and owning real estate.

Pros of offshore companies:

  • Low cost of opening and maintaining a company;
  • Faster registration process;
  • Anonymity;
  • Opportunity for full foreign ownership;
  • No taxes.

Registration of an offshore company is possible in the Freezones. To clarify the nuances of opening a company and the cost of services, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

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