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Cryptocurrency in Germany in 2020

Features of legal regulation of cryptocurrency in Germany in 2020


Before starting a business it is recommended to get acquainted with the peculiarities of cryptocurrency regulation in Germany in 2020. This country was one of the first to launch legal regulation to make funds legitimate. There are some licencing and issuing requirements.

Features of the cryptocurrency business in the country

In 2011, cryptocurrency was classified as financial instrument. Cryptocurrency is included in the category of settlement unit, special financial instruments. Two years later the guidance on cryptocurrency was issued. The German Ministry of Finance issued a corresponding regulation according to which Bitcoin became a unit of account for trading operations.

In 2017, adjustments were made to the IPA, and working with the cryptocurrency in Germany involves doing business with a financial instrument. As a result of the recognition of transactions with virtual funds, changes were made to the tax law. The transaction may be subject to an income tax rate.

Mining of cryptocurrency is not subject to VAT collection, tariff for capital increace. Income tax is applied to mining. Transactions, which were carried out between legal entities, are considered taxable.

Opening a company and obtaining a licence

Using cryptocurrency instead of cash to participate in the economic cycle of a business is an activity that does not require a cryptocurrency licence. Some currency transactions may require an appropriate authorization under the laws of the country.

For cryptocurrency trading in Germany, cryptocurrency exchange opens in 2020. They can be registered in Germany, the opening process is relatively simple. Legal entities are recognized as financial companies and require a permit to operate fully.

To open a firm for cryptocurrency in Germany, it is important to follow the following requirements:

  • The size of the authorized capital must be at least 730 thousand euros;
  • Reporting is required;
  • Presence of a registered office in the jurisdiction.

Commercial platforms buying and selling cryptocurrency must be authorized. Authorization is also required if the platform manages the trading platform.

Nuances of working with cryptocurrency in the country

Virtual money is recognized as a financial instrument in the country. There is no general prohibition on the issue, possession and sale of such currency. However, there are requirements to obtain a permit and issue. If less than a year has elapsed between the purchase and sale of currency, the sale transaction must be subject to an income tax. Taxable minimum is 600 euros.

To open a cryptocurrency exchange you must obtain a permit. The process is much easier than in other EU countries. When planning to open a cryptocurrency company, please contact our specialists in IT-OFFSHORE. We will consult and answer all your questions.

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