How to apply for an AEMI license in the UK in 2021

How to apply for an AEMI license in the UK in 2021

It is possible to obtain an AEMI license in the UK in 2021 from the regulator. The permit allows to open own accounts in IBAN format and issue personal payment cards. Obtaining a special permit gives the opportunity to actively conduct entrepreneurial activities. Contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE to clarify all nuances of the document issue.

The advantages of obtaining a document

There are several advantages of obtaining AEMI license in UK in 2021. It is possible to open SWIFT accounts, while IBAN accounts can be issued to clients representing financial institutions. It is allowed to remotely open accounts for private clients and corporations.

It is allowed to issue payment cards that are linked to a customer's account. There is also a possibility of making payments to banks around the world in different currencies and  accepting them from any account from different countries. It is allowed to decide independently to make payments and open accounts.

Licensing requirements

Obtaining an AEMI license in the UK is possibly a subject to a number of requirements. The future recipient of the license must be at least 18 years old, and it is mandatory to own a bank account. Income verification documents are required. The presence of restrictions on the part of supervising agencies leads to the inability to obtain the document.

The purchase or long-term lease of immovable property for the firm would be required. There are requirements for the registered capital - it should not be less than 350 000 euros. On average, it is possible to obtain the documentation in half a year.

What documents are necessary

In order to obtain a license, it is necessary to draw up a plan for the development of the business and fill in the positions to the managers. It is important to take into account the conditions regarding the experience and qualifications of the managing parties. It is necessary to describe the information technology systems and all the technical solutions being developed.

It is required to describe the accounting system of the accounting department, as well as draw up contracts with suppliers and companies. It is necessary to draw up the text of the charter and the program of action, prove the existence of capital and its legal origin, and confirm the existence of a physical address of the office.

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