Forex licence in the UK

Forex licence in the UK

Forex licence registration in Great Britain is in demand among entrepreneurs. Firms related to Forex, located within the jurisdiction, are in demand among clients, characterized by transparency and honest work and trusted by the clients. It is possible to apply for an FCA licence in the UK.

How to apply for a licence

Getting a Forex licence in the UK is organized in several stages. It is necessary to open a financial company in the country. The most popular legal form of organization is LTD. When creating a name, you must take into account some limitations. You should not use a name similar to the names of other firms.

It is important to select personnel. The founder may be a natural person - a citizen of any country. Only a natural person may be a director. It is necessary to have a staff member who provides communication with the regulator's commission.

You must open a bank account to ensure that the company is fully operational. You can do this at your local financial institution or abroad. The director must apply for the opening in person.

You must pay your share capital to apply for a licence. All stages of opening a company must be completed in the UK. If there are no problems with documents, you can start a company on average in a week. To learn more about the features of opening companies with licences abroad, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

What documents are required to obtain a licence

To obtain a licence, you need to fill in an application form that was developed by the regulator. It must be filled out without errors in English. Detailed information about the company must be provided. In addition, you need to provide information about the following persons:

  • Director;
  • Compliance officer;
  • Beneficiaries;
  • Founders.

The forecast for work for the next few years on the territory of the country will be needed. It is necessary to have a financial report that shows assets' movement in the applicant's accounts for the last several years. Information on the total number of assets of the enterprise is also required.

Pluses of the Forex-licence registration

Getting a Forex licence can take quite a long time, as this process is time-consuming. But there are many advantages of obtaining additional permissions. Its availability guarantees a positive reputation for the company. Clients can be sure that they are provided with high-quality services.

Obtaining a licence gives the right to legally advertise the services. Working without a licence has many disadvantages - there is a risk of sanctions from the regulators, large fines, or even imprisonment.

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