Getting EORI numbers in the UK

Getting EORI numbers in the UK

Many business owners, as well as individuals who are only planning to register a company in the UK, as well as opening a bank account in a financial institution of jurisdiction, can receive an EORI number in a short time using the services of our IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

Advantages of using EORI - numbers

This number is an account, it is original and is assigned to businessmen who specialize in doing business between different countries. You can get a number in the UK by registering in the appropriate system, which is intended for registering and identifying persons conducting activities in various fields.

The main purpose of this issue is that you can quickly pass a check in the customs authorities when importing or exporting products from the territory of the European Union. Getting this number has some advantages:

• It is possible to reduce the risk of refusal to accept a declaration drawn up at customs;
• The process of registration at the customs post is faster;
• You can reduce the time the goods are at the border during transportation;
• Having a number allows prospective business partners to obtain detailed information about the company and businessman, which increases trust, respectability, and increases the likelihood of cooperation in the future.

If you are interested in obtaining an EORI number in the UK, our employees are ready to provide you with relevant services, including analysis, opening of the organization, registration of an account in a bank in the country, preparation of documents for registration.

Terms of registration

Before registering a number, it will be necessary to prepare some data regardless of whether the person has his own business or only plans to register an organization in the UK.

You must provide information about the name of the company, as well as the type of its activity - for example, the implementation of import or export operations. Also requires information on the address of the registration of the company, the availability of VAT - numbers.

Provides detailed information about the directors and partners of the organization, including name, date of birth, citizenship. The data on contacts, location address, telephone numbers, as well as goods that are sent across the border are submitted.

Information is needed on suppliers, recipients of products, their contact information, methods of movement of goods, used transport. Indicate the name of the border checkpoint at the entrance or exit to the European Union (depending on the operations performed). We need data, including information about the cargo - transportation number - consignment notes, identifiers, dates of cargo passing through the border with the EU.

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