Investment License in Vanuatu (Forex, Trust, Derivatives)

Investment License in Vanuatu (Forex, Trust, Derivatives)

Opening an offshore, investment license in Vanuatu in 2021 is relevant. International companies can get an exemption from paying taxes. There is also an opportunity to avoid a fee for profits and royalties if the source of income is outside the state.

It is possible to obtain a Forex Vanuatu license on favorable terms in the territory, which expands the capabilities of the founder. There are no strict requirements for financial reporting. In the public domain there is no information about the owners of the company.

Peculiarities of license in Vanuatu

You can obtain an investment license in Vanuatu by contacting our experts at IT-OFFSHORE. Increasing demand for financial services makes it more difficult to obtain a special license.

The SDL permit for dealers allows you to trade currencies, buy and sell securities and manage your investment portfolio on behalf of your clients. It allows you to make investments on behalf of a foreign person. The license is a legal instrument.

The document is suitable for all dealers who work in the field of forex, as well as providers of financial services for the sale of securities - stocks, options.

How to get it

A few years ago, changes were made to the rules and regulations to obtain a permit. An important condition is the registration of a company that keeps records according to the law.

The management is required to establish criteria regarding the creation of user accounts, verify clients, analyze the directors and owners, determine the limits of authority. If illegal transactions are suspected, they must be reported in a timely manner.

The appointment of a compliance officer is required. The person must not be a resident of Vanuatu but may be the director of the company receiving the license. In addition a registration form as a reportable person will be required to apply for the document.

Application for a banking license

Vanuatu is known as a territory used for opening offshore companies. You can get a Vanuatu banking license here, a permit for forex Vanuatu. It is possible to establish a company or open an international account in the country.

The decision to issue a banking license is made by the Minister. Documents can be submitted through a licensed agent. What information must be prepared:

  • Proof of authorized capital to open a financial company;
  • A detailed business development plan;
  • Proof of qualified employees;
  • Identification of the beneficiaries;
  • Establishment of an accounting system.

Application processing time can take about 16 weeks. Renewals are required each year.

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