Where to get a Digital Nomad visa in 2021

Where to get a Digital Nomad visa in 2021

Obtaining a Digital Nomad visa in 2021 is becoming urgent as the number of remote workers increases. In some countries, it is recommended to obtain a special visa in order to attract such employees.

The nuances of registration of the document

Currently, many office workers carry out their activities in a remote format. There are more and more freelancers who can work without being tied to a particular location. A term was introduced in 2021 to refer to such individuals - Digital Nomad.

This is the name given to people who move frequently and are not tied to a place of residence because of their work. Obtaining a visa is relevant for those who plan to live in another country for some time, but do not look for a new job in this state.

This type of visa has some differences from the Schengen or work visa. A traditional work visa allows getting a job in a local company but binds you to the country of the employer. It is quite difficult to obtain a work visa, as it is required to conclude a contract with a local legal entity.

Classical tourist Schengen visa gives the opportunity to travel in the area not more than 90 days within 6 months from the date of entry. To get such a visa is not difficult, traveling in the country, you can work, but a long stay in the territory will not work.

The Digital Nomad visa allows you to live abroad for about a year, with the legal status of a remote worker will be approved. It is relatively easy to obtain a visa, it does not require many documents and the conclusion of a local employment contract.

A standard set of documentation includes the following:

  • Passport;
  • Proof of income;
  • Employment сontract.

In some cases, additional documentation - medical insurance, certificates of vaccination, receipts for payment of fees, etc. will be required. Each country has its own rules for obtaining such a document.

Where to get a residence permit

One of the countries where it is possible to obtain such a visa is Estonia. Some states offer similar types of documents or programs for digital workers. Portugal offers a special program. It is designed for people who earn a passive income and plan to move. It is necessary to have a stable passive income. It is not forbidden to bring relatives, but in this case the amount of income must be higher.

DNV visa can be obtained in Estonia. It allows to live and work remotely for 12 months, then it can be extended up to 2 years. Staying in the territory does not give the right to obtain a permanent residence permit.

In Spain it is offered to obtain a visa. This is one of the options that are available to citizens who are not members of the European Union. The duration of stay is 1 year. After that, it is allowed to extend the document every 2 years. Arriving can not work for persons registered in Spain.

Document for freelancers in Germany can be obtained for 3 months, after which it can be extended. Requires an address in the country and proof of stable income. It is possible to work with persons from Germany.

In Barbados you can get a welcome visa for a year, which allows visitors to work remotely from the island. The document is relevant for foreigners who work remotely for an employer from another jurisdiction.

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