Startup-visa Estonia: how to obtain it and start successful business?

Startup-visa Estonia: how to obtain it and start successful business?

In 2017 Estonia launched a program for issuing startup visas to non-residents. Since then, to date, received 325 applications from 47 countries. Most of the applications come from India, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan and Turkey. What is a startup visa in Estonia and what is the reason for such popularity?

Obtain startup visa Estonia: description

The Estonian startup visa is intended for founders who are not EU members, while they want to come and become part of one of the smallest, but the busiest startup communities in Europe as a founder.

Startup-visa Estonia

As part of Startup Visa, a startup is defined as a business with the goal of developing and launching an innovative business model with great potential for global growth, which also contributes significantly to the development of the business environment in Estonia.

In the jurisdiction there is a business, supportive and open community, eager to welcome more ambitious people and start-ups. High-quality electronic services, ease of doing business, low level of bureaucracy, resourceful people and high quality of life with low cost are just a few key words describing Estonia. This is one of the best countries to start a startup.

How to obtain startup visa in Estonia?

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To obtain a startup visa in Estonia, you must meet a number of requirements. Among these requirements, the main are the monthly income of at least 130 euros and, of course, the presence of a worthy project. And now, in detail about each of the above items.

Recommended minimum income

Since you come to Estonia for a long period of time, you need to have at least € 130 per month. But for a more comfortable stay it will be good to have more than 130 euros.

Why is this minimum number taken? Let's just say, the cost of a budget lunch in a cafe is about 7 euros, travel in public transport - from 1.2 euros, and the price tag of food rarely exceeds 10 euros.


As an example of highly scalable enterprises, you can take Facebook, Uber, Google. The Startup Visa program is aimed at technology products or services that can grow rapidly on a global scale. Restaurants, online stores, IT service providers and individual entrepreneurs are not considered start-ups.

If you have an interesting project and you easily meet the requirements, the startup visa in Estonia is your opportunity to easily start a great business by contacting us for help!

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