Where to open an Internet company in 2021: Top 5 countries

Where to open an Internet company in 2021: Top 5 countries

Opening an Internet company in 2021 is considered a new trend among entrepreneurs. The Internet offers good prospects for doing business. To clarify the nuances of registering such a business, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help to choose the most suitable country and prepare documents.

The nuances of Internet companies

It is often necessary to open an Internet company in 2021 in order to increase the security of assets and anonymity. Such a firm will allow optimizing tax charges legally. When choosing a country to open a company, you need to consider:

  • Ease of opening and speed;
  • The level of anonymity;
  • The ability to use the bank's services in different countries;
  • Rates of corporate fees for worldwide income;
  • Degree of security of assets;
  • The official language of the state;
  • Requirements as to the number of shareholders and owners;
  • Requirements as to the presence of a local director;
  • Audit and secretarial requirements;
  • Reputability of the territory.

Often the registration of a company for Internet activities in 2021 takes place in offshore jurisdictions. There provides maximum confidentiality, as well as low requirements for residency of management, auditing, and financial reporting.

Top 5 countries

To open an online business, you need to choose a country that is not only a respectable and stable economy, but also fast internet. There must be a market for an online business. An important parameter is the number of Internet users.


Jurisdiction is considered one of the best for setting up a company online. Prices for opening a company in Belize are small, it is possible to create a bank account remotely, and the procedure is fast. It is possible to create an account for high-risk businesses.

Belize is suitable for different directions of entrepreneurship and accepts payments from any country in the world. A disadvantage is that the respectability of the country is low, and there are some conditions regarding meetings of shareholders and owners.


The territory provides a high level of reliability of personal information. Suitable for companies with high capitalization. There is no publicly available registry. The level of anonymity is high, and assets are securely protected. However, there are some difficulties of setting up an Internet company in the territory - tax transparency and non-ideal reputation.


The territory is considered one of the best in the world for starting Internet companies. The most relevant is registering an IBC in Belize to link an offshore company with an account in another country. A high level of anonymity is ensured, and international banking is available. The disadvantage is that the cost of opening a firm is quite high.


E-commerce is actively developing in Singapore, and the establishment of Internet companies is considered a promising direction. However, the opening of this type of business requires an investment of time and money, as well as the initial capital.

To establish such a company in Singapore, it is required to find a business idea that will meet the needs of the market. After that, it is necessary to make a work plan, to establish exactly what kind of Internet goods and services it is better to promote. Depending on the choice, the appropriate infrastructure will be required.

Hong Kong

The main reason to open a company in Hong Kong is the advantageous geographical location, highly developed infrastructure and low tax rates. The government encourages investment in technology.

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