Where is the best place to open a gambling business in 2021

Where is the best place to open a gambling business in 2021

To choose a country where to open a gambling business in 2021, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you choose the right jurisdiction and get a license to operate.

Top countries for licensing

It is possible to get a gaming license in many jurisdictions in 2021. However, it is important to keep in mind the changes in the law. Every year it becomes more difficult to obtain a gambling permit in many countries, including offshore jurisdictions. Below are the most popular countries for obtaining a permit.


To obtain a gambling license in Curaçao in 2021, individuals will need to submit a completed application that includes details with their preferred company name and type of business. A resume of the company's beneficiary and proof of residence address must be gathered.

Legal entities will need a notarized copy of the share certificate. Copies of general meeting minutes, articles of incorporation and certificate are also required. All documents should be notarized and translated into English.

Isle of Man

Obtaining a gambling license in the Isle of Man in 2021 is relevant, because the jurisdiction is stable and prestigious. The legal framework is transparent and clear, the government is loyal to the recipients of the document, however, the registration procedure is quite complicated.

It is possible to get a full permit for companies, which independently develop in this area, have their own software, advertising, etc. It becomes possible to use the permit for all available games and sell sublicenses. A sublicense allows online casinos to operate legally, but on behalf of another organization. Such a document is most demanded among beginners. A network license gives the owner the right to work with other operators.

For registration, you will be required to provide data on the structure of the firm and information on the shares of shareholders. Also copies of the founders' passports, certificates of residence and absence of a criminal record, a business development plan, and information on software are all necessary.


To obtain a gambling license in the UK in 2021, it is required to register a firm in the territory. Both directors must be residents of the territory. They need to provide information that proves their right to stay and work in the jurisdiction.

There are no residency requirements for shareholders. Shareholders and directors must have experience in finance. The license is not issued to people who have gone through bankruptcy proceedings or have been convicted. Availability of an actual working office is required.

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