Where to open an account in the Seychelles?

Where to open an account in the Seychelles?

Thanks to the special microclimate of Seychelles, tourism is well developed and the country's economy has acquired a secure banking system that operates at a high level.

Today, opening an offshore account in Seychelles is beneficial, as the banking sector is distinguished by the absence of tax charges and reporting requirements. Opening an account in Seychelles is quite difficult however: the process often requires a personal visit to the bank. If you need to purchase an account, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

The advantages of opening an account

With an account at Seychelles, you can start a business company and large corporations. Services of local banks imply the possibility of registering individuals for different accounts.

There are many branches of foreign banking organizations in this country. Therefore, the scope of work of local financial institutions is mainly aimed at providing services to non-residents. In order to attract new customers, favorable conditions of account maintenance are offered and it is possible to acquire them in a short period of time.

Due to infrastructure development, a modern banking system has been formed on the islands. Various types of accounts can be opened with financial institutions - savings, credit and others. The cost of issuing an account for a company depends on the size of the share capital.

To fully manage your business, you must have an account. The main advantage of creating an account at Seychelles is that you can open it in different currencies - pounds sterling, euros, dollars. There is no commission on incoming payments and you can obtain a bank card that operates worldwide. It is possible to manage funds remotely and receive bank statements for free.


There are a number of popular banks that offer a high level of customer service and favorable conditions for creating an account. Such financial institutions include:

  • Barclays Bank - financial institutions have no minimum balance or deposit requirements. It is possible to open a personal and corporate accounts. The documentation has to be translated into English or French.
  • Bank of Baroda is notable for its high economic stability in the face of global economic fluctuations.
  • BMI Offshore Bank - suitable for diversification of flows. Minimum balance must be at least 5000 dollars.
  • Habib Bank - to register an account, you need to arrive personally at the financial institution. There are no restrictions on the number of funds on the balance sheet.
  • Seychelles Savings Bank - is a local well-developed bank, which offers services for residents and non-residents. 
    It is relatively difficult to open accounts in Seychelles banks. The process requires a number of documents with the transfer, and it might be necessary to arrive at the branch in person.

How to create an account for a company

One of the ways to create an account is to open it with Green Rock Securities. This company offers to create a cash-management which is similar to regular and investment accounts, where you can pay and receive money. It takes several days to open an account.

Alternatively, you can create an account in a payment system. Some nuances have to be taken into account. It is necessary to know whether the system opens an account for companies in Seychelles. There is a risk of closing the account if a major transaction has taken place.

It is also possible to obtain a bank account. You need to prepare in advance for a thorough examination of the bank. The financial institution will carefully review the documentation provided. The more respectable the bank, the deeper the check will be.

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