In which European countries it is possible to buy a ready-made company in 2020 in a profitable and safe manner

In which European countries it is possible to buy a ready-made company in 2020 in a profitable and safe manner

Buying a ready-made "clean" or "zero" company abroad will significantly save time and money for its potential owner. There will be no need to spend resources on collecting, processing, forwarding documents, hiring a local lawyer and travelling to the country of registration for interviews. Buying a ready-made company with open accounts in Europe is often cheaper than creating one yourself. A businessperson only needs to choose the right jurisdiction and intermediary to support the transaction.


The country has a high standard of living, inexpensive - by European standards - real estate, and a profitable state program of business immigration. The cost of ready-made companies in Poland will start at 2,000 euros. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to acquire companies with valid licenses that allow for demand-driven activities in the country (cargo transportation throughout the European Union, mining, etc).


Among the advantages of doing business in the country are the following:

  • duty-free trade with EU countries;
  • the possibility of producing goods under a local trademark with a good reputation and loyal attitude of potential consumers;
  • free public funding and insurance programmes;
  • reliable banking and credit at a reduced interest rate. A ready-made company in Germany will cost from 40,000 euros.


Buying a ready-made company in Hungary will take only 2-3 days and will cost at least 2,000 euros. Jurisdiction has double tax treaties with most countries, agreements on mutual capital protection and treaties on mutual legal assistance. The corporate tax rate in Hungary is the lowest in Europe - only 10% per year. After the purchase of a company, the applicant can obtain a residence permit not only for themselves and their family members, but also for the firm's employees.

United Kingdom

The legislation of the United Kingdom allows to carry out the transaction of purchase and sale of ready firm in Great Britain remotely. Among the obvious advantages of jurisdiction are:

  • cheap and affordable loans for small and medium businesses;
  • access to the world's largest markets;
  • lack of currency control;
  • possibility of legal reduction of the tax burden.

The minimum cost of a company in the UK is 1,100 euros.

Buying a ready-made business requires the entrepreneur to have a high level of legal and financial literacy. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of unlimited management by employees of nominal service, date of registration of the firm, its business and credit history, presence of valid contracts and obligations to contractors and state bodies and responses about the bank in which the acquired firm has the settlement account. The key to a successful and safe transaction will be the choice of a competent provider with a good reputation and the conclusion of the contract with him. The company IT-OFFSHORE has many years of experience and good customer feedback. With our help, the registration of a ready-made company with open accounts in Europe 2020 will be much more simple and clear, even for a beginner.

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