Buying a ready-made company in Poland with a VAT number

Buying a ready-made company in Poland with a VAT number

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. The capital is Warsaw, the official language is Polish. The country has a developed economy, is optimal for doing business.

Features of starting a business in Poland

To register a company in the country, a minimum capital is required, which is about 1,200 euros, which is much lower compared to other countries. In addition, financial support is provided to new investors - there is an opportunity to get exemption from tax payments in the FEZ.

Other advantages of registering a company in a jurisdiction:
• Ability to store assets in European banks;
• Providing reliable banking service;
• Low cost of real estate;
• Developed infrastructure that allows you to optimally organize activities;
• Promotion by the Polish authorities of foreign investment;
• Stable economy in the country.

The tax rate is low, you can get exemption from the payment of local payments, as well as from real estate tax. The entrepreneur has access to loans, gets the opportunity to enter the European market.

The country is geographically advantageous, has minor cultural differences, which is also important for doing business. If you have a residence permit in Poland, you can visit other countries of the Schengen zone in a visa-free regime.

Pros of buying a ready-made company

The ready-made company is a legal entity with a legal address, availability of the Charter, bank account, seal, etc. It can be used a day after purchase for doing business.

The advantages of acquiring a ready-made company:
• Save time - no need to spend time registering;
• You can start work immediately after the purchase of the company;
• Re-registration of the company takes 24 hours;
• The possibility of acquiring a company with licenses.

Buying a ready-made company, a person receives a tool for running a profitable business. Time costs for paperwork are minimal.

VAT - number - what it is and why it is needed

When conducting international trade activities may require VAT number (VAT - number). This number is required to receive by registering the company as a payer of value added tax.

To get a number, you need to submit a special application to the tax authorities. In addition, you will need to provide data on the activities of the organization, to justify the need for a number.

Obtaining VAT numbers can be voluntary and mandatory. In all states there are parameters, on the basis of which, the need to register a company as a VAT payer is determined. It is necessary for obtaining the right to deduct VAT when exporting or importing goods.

For the development of a profitable business in the shortest possible time, buy ready-made companies that have all the necessary documentation for doing business - their acquisition will save time on paperwork.

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