Remote opening of a corporate bank account in Lithuania

Remote opening of a corporate bank account in Lithuania

To remotely open a corporate account in Lithuania, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you choose the best option and find answers to all your questions.

Popular Lithuanian banks for account registration

Before opening a corporate account in Lithuania in 2021, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the conditions of the most popular banks in order to find a suitable option. One of the financial institutions located in Lithuania is Danske Bank. This bank specializes in the opening of corporate accounts. The institution works only with clients who have no doubts about the legality of capital.

Another popular bank is Luminor. To work with this bank, you will need to choose a suitable package with a fixed fee and use the services. This financial institution offers loans on favorable conditions for reliable clients.

You can create an account at Swedbank. The advantage of working with this bank is that the staff speaks Russian, English, as well as Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian. You can open both a personal and corporate account with this bank. There is no need to go to the bank.

Opening an account in the payment system

The payment system opens accounts for companies from different countries, including offshore. The main condition for account creation is the identification of beneficiaries. To create an account remotely, you will need to provide a number of documents about the company and its beneficiaries.

Lithuanian payment systems do not cooperate with companies operating in the following areas:

  • Business related to gambling;
  • Binary options;
  • Sale of medicines and dietary supplements online;
  • Lotteries without special permission, etc.

To open an account remotely, you will need to collect a large documentation package. You will need to submit an application to open an account. Additionally, a list of recipients of funds, corporate documents, and information about the owners of the company will be required. Certified copies of directors' passports, licenses, if necessary, and organizational charts are needed as well.

Pluses of account opening

Most banks and payment systems offer website and online account management applications. Staff can consult remotely 24/7 if necessary. You can manage your account with the help of mobile applications.

For corporate clients individual corporate solutions can be offered. All tariffs are transparent and clear, and payments to companies are sent promptly.

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