Buying a ready-made company in Lithuania in 2021

Buying a ready-made company in Lithuania in 2021

Registration of a ready-made company in Lithuania in 2021 is relevant, as the economy is considered one of the fastest-growing in the EU. This state has a strong financial position: the standard of living is high and doing business in this Baltic country is quite simple. 

The advantages of business in Lithuania

A ready-made company in Lithuania is a good option for entrepreneurs who are planning to expand their business and apply for a residence permit or citizenship in the country in the future. The economy is stable, a favorable climate for investments is created, and it is relatively easy to register a company and open an account.

The main advantages of opening a company in Lithuania in 2021 are the following:

  • Low-profit tax;
  • Ability to refund the tax paid by the added price;
  • Opportunity to cooperate with partners from other EU countries;
  • Residence permit registration;
  • The simplicity of account processing.

To buy a ready-made company, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you to prepare documents and open a company quickly. Before the sale, all organizations are checked for lack of debts, and the cleanliness of the company on the legal side is guaranteed.

When buying a company, you can get an officially registered legal entity with ready-made documentation and a bank account. It is possible to start a business immediately after the company is re-registered.

Taxation features

Income tax in the country on companies, as well as the fee on the source of income is 15%. Small firms, if the conditions are met, may apply a reduced rate of tax - 0 or 5%.

The standard amount of value-added tax is 21%, but there are also preferential rates of 9% and 5%. The 9% rate is used in relation to books, some periodicals, and transportation services. A 5% rate is applied to such categories of goods as pharmaceuticals, goods for the disabled, etc. Employers are required to pay social tax.

Which business to open?

One of the most popular areas is the IT business. There is a demand for the production of software, and renewable energy. An alternative trend in demand is the woodworking industry. Lithuania is rich in wood resources.

Profitable registration of companies specializing in road freight transport and logistics. One of the most demanded industries is construction, chemical industry, and agricultural activities.

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