TOP-6 cities in Europe for a residence permit in 2020

TOP-6 cities in Europe for a residence permit in 2020

You can get a cheap residence permit in Europe in 2020 in such countries as Greece and Portugal. There are other options, such as resort countries in Europe, which issue a residence permit for the purchase of the real estate. There are alternative options for obtaining a residence permit such as an opportunity to invest in funds without the right to receive them back.

One of the most advantageous options for obtaining residence in Europe at a low cost is investing in the economy. In the future, there is an opportunity to return the funds. Typically, the money is contributed to assets such as real estate, but there are other options. Learn more about obtaining a residence permit from our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Getting a residence permit in Cyprus

Before buying a residence permit in Europe, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the nuances of design in different countries. Cyprus offers profitable investment options for residents of CIS countries. You can get a residence permit quickly and at a small fee when investing in real estate.

To apply for a residence permit, having received the right to citizenship, you need to invest funds in the government-approved development projects. The advantage of registration is that you do not need to make funds in the objects in the government approved development project.

In Cyprus, you can buy and own the property through a company, the beneficial owner of which becomes the main applicant for residence. You do not need to stay in the country for 12 months to maintain the status you have obtained. It is enough to visit the jurisdiction once in 24 months.

Getting a residence permit in Greece

The smallest amount to invest is 250 thousand euros. Compared to most European programmes, this figure is low. You can get a quality asset for the invested money.

Under the terms of the program, you can buy several objects to spend the smallest threshold. The rules do not require you to find a candidate in the country after obtaining residence. The absence of these conditions means the possibility of investment, obtaining a residence permit in Greece, as well as further movement in the Schengen area without the necessary visit to Greece.

In this case you will have to come to the jurisdiction at least once to fill out the documentation and obtain permission. Applying for a passport in Greece will require Greek proficiency and permanent residence in the country.

Registration of residence permit in Latvia

Previously, the lowest cost to obtain a residence permit through real estate was 160 thousand euros. Now, this figure starts at 250 thousand euros. It is required to visit the country once a year to maintain the status obtained. To obtain a second passport, you will need to live in the country for most of the year for several years.

Within 5 years after obtaining a residence permit, it is possible to apply for a permanent residence. To become a citizen of the state, you will need to know the Latvian language. Dual citizenship is not recognized.

Getting a residence permit in Malta

You can apply for a residence permit in the jurisdiction through buying real estate valued at 320 thousand euros at least. When buying assets on the island of Gozo this value is reduced to 270 thousand. In addition, it is required to invest money in bonds and funds.

Real estate and bonds can be sold in the future, but it is impossible to return the donated money. The advantage of a residence permit in Malta is that income from foreign sources can be taxed at a fixed PIT rate of 15%.

Residence permit processing in Portugal

To participate in the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal, you can donate money for science or art development, or you can contribute to an existing business or start a business by creating jobs. Alternatively, you can buy real estate in the country. The latter method is the most relevant.

You can invest from 350 thousand euros in objects older than 30 years or more than half a million euros in new assets. Investments allow you to formalize a residence. You can reduce these values by 20% buying assets in areas with a small population. To maintain residency status, an investor needs to spend a week in Portugal in the first year and 2 weeks every 2 years after that.

Residence permit program in Spain

The Golden Visa program in this jurisdiction is considered one of the most expensive in the EU. The main condition is the purchase of property for half a million euros. In addition, it is required to renew its status every 24 months.

Members of the program who received a residence permit for investing in assetS are not required to live in the country on a permanent basis. It is allowed to be naturalized naturalize 10 years after obtaining residence status. To do this, you need to know Spanish, and only then you may obtain citizenship. It is not allowed to have dual citizenship.

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