Residence permit and citizenship for real estate 2019

Residence permit and citizenship for real estate 2019

Before buying a home abroad, it is recommended to study in detail the information on countries that provide a residence permit when purchasing real estate. This need may arise from citizens who live in a country where crises and conflicts often occur.

The best markets according to analysts

According to market research, real estate investments continue to be attractive. This is due to the possibility not only to buy housing abroad, but also to apply for citizenship or a residence permit in the country.

In which countries it is possible to buy real estate:
• Australia. Jurisdiction is characterized by a developed economy that is growing steadily. It is this factor that creates good conditions for attracting investment, including in local business, in order to obtain residency. Recently, there has been a growth trend in commercial real estate markets.
• Great Britain. Investing in real estate is profitable, as the country is stable. Many people invest in premium housing in order to later lease it for a long time. Rental rates have a stable growth, which is beneficial for investors. Income decline is unlikely.
• Germany. The country has a high growth rate of the economy, which causes investor interest in the market. The demand for real estate in Germany is high for all types of housing.
• Netherlands. This state is interested in many investors because of the rapid development of the market.

According to experts, it is advantageous to buy real estate not only in Amsterdam, you should pay attention to such cities as Rotterdam and The Hague, which are characterized by high economic growth.

According to Forbes, one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe is Lisbon. There is a great demand for real estate, which is associated with the possibility of obtaining a "golden visa", this market is gaining popularity. Another promising market is in Bulgaria (Plovdiv).

To choose the appropriate jurisdiction where it is most profitable to invest, contact our experts in IT-OFFSHORE - we will help you find the answer to your questions.

Recommendations for the purchase of housing abroad

After selecting the candidacy of the most attractive real estate market abroad, investors are looking for sources of financing - in addition to their own funds, mortgage loans are often used. However, you should consider some of the nuances when buying a home abroad, including on credit.

When investing abroad, you should be aware of local taxes; certain requirements may be imposed on property owners. Before making a transaction, you should initiate appropriate housing checks.

There is a risk of problems when acquiring a new home or housing from an old fund — you need to make sure that the asset has been properly registered in the land registry. In addition, it is required to ensure that all property upgrades are authorized.

It is important to find out if there is a need to translate a purchase contract into the language of the buyer with the assistance of an interpreter. Often offered a contract in the local language. It is necessary to consider the rules of inheritance, make sure that the property can not belong to a number of persons.

It is necessary to pay attention to the rules for obtaining a target loan for housing. Many countries have age limits - the borrower must be no more than 70 years old. In some jurisdictions, at the time of returning the loan, the person must be no more than 80 years old.

The main rule when buying a property is to check the housing and attract a lawyer so that you can identify the presence of problems before the transaction is completed - for example, the existence of heirs, encumbrances, and the legality of the construction.

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