Features of a Residence Permit in Estonia in 2020

Features of a Residence Permit in Estonia in 2020

The Republic of Estonia is a country that is located in Northern Europe. The state borders with Russia and Latvia. The capital of the country is Tallinn. Since the early 90s the country has been a member of the UN. Since the mid-zero years, it has been a member of the EU and NATO and is currently a member of the Eurozone as well as Schengen area.

Many businessmen seek to obtain a residence permit in Estonia, given that the country is a member of the Eurozone and has a simplified tax system. Another advantage of the Estonian economy is that the system of electronic regulation of relations between the state and business entities is in place, and the corruption rate is the lowest compared to other countries.

Pros of obtaining a visa in Estonia

Since 2017, the country has been running a startup visa program for non-residents. Registration of residence permit in Estonia is relevant, as the country has a positive reputation within the EU as well as no currency control. Opportunities to use the services of the country's banks are opening up. The tax system is transparent and understandable.

The main advantages are the following:

  • Residence permit in Estonia gives the opportunity to work in the country and to move within the EU;
  • The country has a low crime rate;
  • Educational opportunities are available;
  • The legislation is stable. 

It is advantageous to start a company in Estonia, as the maintenance costs are relatively low. Jurisdiction is respectable. The state is aimed at development and stimulates business creation.

Terms and conditions for obtaining a visa

When applying for a residence permit, it is necessary to take into account the immigration regulations of the state. The number of foreigners who have arranged residence should not exceed 1% of the permanent resident population. As a result, the number of people who obtain a residence permit, in the end is relatively small.

To obtain a visa, a number of conditions must be met. A person must be over 18 years of age and have a monthly income of 130 euros or more. The company should be registered within Estonia and offer a product that has potential for development.

A residence permit under the startup programme can be obtained both by the project founder and his family members. The time period of receipt is 12 months, later it can be extended. If the person is an employee at an Estonian company, it is possible to apply for a work visa for a period of 3 months or longer. To apply for a residence permit, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Features of obtaining a residence permit

There are two types of resident status. Urgent is called an analog of residence permit, which can be obtained for up to 5 years and is determined individually. PPermanent residence status can be obtained after 5 years in the "urgent" status; it does not need to be extended. Having this status allows you to apply for citizenship.

The ID card must be held by every resident of the country whose age exceeds 15 years. This document includes all the information about the owner. One of the most attractive and affordable ways to apply for a residence permit is to sign an employment contract for at least one year with a place of employment (Estonian company).

The actual method of naturalization is to establish a company or business. To become an entrepreneur, a natural person must have at least 16 thousand euros of capital invested in the country's economy. It is possible to apply for a residence permit in this status.

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