TOP 5 banks in Australia in 2020

TOP 5 banks in Australia in 2020

Opening an account with a bank in Australia in 2020 is beneficial, as the country's economy is growing and the monetary institutions are stable. The banking system of the state is highly concentrated, and many institutions offer to open a personal or corporate account.

Where to open an account - TOP 5 banks

To open an account with a bank in Australia, you will need to collect necessary documentation. Each bank may request additional documents at its discretion. To register a bank account in Australia in 2020, please contact our IT-OFFSHORE specialists.


This bank is one of the largest. It provides services in Australia and New Zealand. You can apply for a loan or deposit, get a bank card and manage assets. In a financial institution personal and corporate accounts are drawn up. There are no requirements for the completion of down payment.

The staff speaks international English. It is possible to remotely manage an account, including from any mobile device. A personal presence is required to open an account. The period of registration is on average 2 weeks.

Common-wealth bank

An account at such an institution can be opened online. It is possible to immediately deposit money into an account.

After arrival in the country you will need to be identified at the representative office of the bank. It is possible to additionally draw up a contactless card. There are special rates for full-time and part-time students with benefits and discounts. The bank offers accounts for business clients with zero amount of the smallest deposit.


A daily account with the financial institution is free for full-time students during the year or the entire period of study. A debit card is also available. You may register an invoice one year in advance of your arrival in the country.

It is possible to create a business account, which in the future is actually tied to the investment and draw a debit card. You may also to make electronic transfers without limit for free.

St. George Bank

The main activity of this financial institution is to provide services to local citizens. You can register an account for a company in Australia with this bank. It is possible to manage assets remotely through the application. The interface is available in English.

The level of confidentiality of information is high. A wide range of financial products is offered - deposits, loans, investments, international payments, etc.


You can open a current or savings account or a deposit in the bank. A financial institution offers to open an account for entrepreneurs who make a small number of transactions, in which case there is no need to pay monthly maintenance fees. There is a fee for each transaction.

An alternative option is to create an account, which will be used for daily financial transactions. In this case, the service fee is set, regardless of the number of transactions.

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