USA: company incorporation, taxation, accounting

USA: company incorporation, taxation, accounting

The USA is a country located in North America. It takes fourth place in the world by area. It borders with Canada and Mexico, has a maritime border with Russia. The country is highly developed, has the first economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP. Due to the high level of development of the country the question of how to register an offshore in the U.S. is relevant.

Features of registering a company in the USA

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You can register your company in the U.S. just like in most other countries. It is allowed to establish a company in one or more states. Both residents and non-residents may register a company. Non-residents usually don’t have to obtain a visa to open a company in the U.S. The director of the firm may live in the US or other jurisdictions.

When registering a firm in the United States, the company is required to have an office. If a person is a citizen of a country, he or she may give the home address to send various notices. Non-residents are advised to use an agent's services.

To establish a firm in the United States, it is necessary to contact the relevant state administration with a complete documentation package. When establishing a firm, it is necessary to confirm a stable financial situation and pay government fees.

The registration process has several major stages. First, you must collect the papers and submit them to the appropriate authorities. After that you need to register and get an ID for further work. For the full functioning of the company you need to create a bank account and provide a legal address. To work in some areas, you need to obtain additional permission, and it is necessary to appoint a director.

Choosing a legal entity form

Before setting up a company, you need to select the staff, as each of them has its own requirements regarding the registration of the firm. When collecting documents, you should familiarize yourself with the legislation and the number of tax charges in advance.

In total, there are three legal forms, that your company may acquire. These forms include partnership, limited liability company and corporation. Most often an LLC is registered, as it is the most profitable form of business.

If the founder has the status of the resident, taxation is applicable to the profit of the company. For non-residents, there is 30% rate. It is required to pay a fixed federal fee on profits, which totals in 21%.

Collection of documents

To establish a company, a number of documents must be prepared. These include personal information about all founders and directors of the company. Mandatory data are full name, registration data, and copies of foreign passports. If the founder is a legal entity, it is necessary to provide - the statutory documents.

You also need provide information about the name of the company and the focus area of company’s services. All papers should be translated into English, and each page should be notarized. It is possible to submit information electronically. The data are processed quickly enough. It is necessary it is possible to supplement the documentation package with missing information if needed.

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