Compare EU gold visas: Portugal, Greece and Spain

Compare EU gold visas: Portugal, Greece and Spain

There are several ways to get a gold visa to the EU in 2020. The holder of such a visa has access to various privileges that can be enjoyed by their family members. Getting the status is relevant when buying property, government bonds, opening a deposit or own company, etc.

Golden visa facilitates access to education in well-known European universities; you can freely travel to some countries and further develop entrepreneurship in a promising country with a stable economy as well as obtain citizenship.

Features of registration in Portugal

The residence permit program in Portugal is considered one of the most common within the European Union. To buy a gold visa in Portugal in 2020, you may obtain a real estate asset. Lisbon was recognized as a leader among cities for investment last year. Banks in Portugal have mortgage lending services, even a non-resident can get funds to purchase an object. The decision to issue funds as part of mortgage lending usually takes 7 days to make.

The country has preferential low tax rates for some companies registered in the special economic zone. If you have a gold visa, you can get a tax holiday for up to a decade. It is possible to obtain citizenship.

To keep a residence permit, the investor needs to keep the status of the owner of the property for 5 years. After that, the object needs to be factually sold, while maintaining the status of residence permit. You can buy both commercial and residential real estate, invest in construction and land.

In Portugal, to obtain a residence permit you can buy real estate from 350 000 euros, to invest from 350 000 euros in research activities or from 250 000 euros in cultural activities, as well as invest in the development of enterprises. Given the size and purpose of the investment, most investors choose real estate.

Visa registration in Greece

An alternative to a residence permit is a golden visa in Greece in 2020. The advantage of such a visa is that the political situation in the country is stable and the economy has a tendency to develop. Registration of residence permit allows you to freely enter and leave the country, cross the Schengen borders, and the tax benefits in doing business.

In 10 years after obtaining a residence permit, the holder of the visa can apply for a Greek passport. Under the terms of the Golden visa program, a non-resident adult must invest from 250,000 euros in residential or non-residential properties.

An alternative option is to rent a home for 10 years, in which case the number of payments should be at least 250,000 euros. The close relatives of the non-resident may become participants of the program, but additional investments may be required in this case.

To apply for a visa, you need to provide an extensive package of documents confirming stable income and no criminal record. The visa process takes on average several months; you can get it for 5 years with the possibility of extension, provided that the rights to the investment property are preserved. If the property has been sold, there may be difficulties in extending the visa.

Obtaining a visa in Spain

You can get a gold visa in Spain in 2020 by purchasing real estate assets and buying shares. This visa allows you to travel to the EU countries with your family, and it is possible to move to the country with your relatives.

One of the most common ways to obtain a visa is to buy real estate worth at least 500 000 euros. It is required to own the property for at least five years after which the visa may be obtained. An alternative way is to invest from 1 million euros in a deposit in the financial organization of the country for five years. It is possible to buy shares or invest in bonds. There is an option of opening a project that stimulates economic development.

Plus the issuance of visas in Spain means no strict obligations to stay. Members of the program are required to be in the country from 7 days a year. If you want to obtain permanent residence and citizenship, you must live in the country all year round. You can apply for a visa for only three months.

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