Opening an account in US banks

Opening an account in US banks

The USA is considered one of the most prestigious jurisdictions with good conditions for business development and residence. In this regard, many businesspeople strive to develop business in the U.S., to get a license or open an account in America. Creating an account in one of the U.S. banks allows you to manage funds and conduct transactions remotely.

You can open an account in the USA for personal use as well as for a company. It becomes necessary to work with banks when registering an offshore company in the USA. You can open an investment account with a natural or legal person. To perform the procedure, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Features of creating a bank account for an individual

There are two main ways to create an account for a non-resident. It is possible to arrive in the States with the necessary documentation, but this option involves inconvenient costs like travel time and monetary expenses. The second option is to buy the account remotely.

To open a personal account, you will need to fulfill several conditions:

  • Make a copy of the identification document;
  • Collect documents with proof of where you live;
  • Provide SSN.

If there is no special insurance number, it is possible for a non-resident to open an account. Thus, in order to create an account, an individual will need to provide the documents mentioned above, submit them to the bank and wait for confirmation. Personal account allows using online banking for remote financial management. You can use a debit card, checkbook, make transfers remotely and in the office.

Creating a legal entity account

A legal entity cannot fully operate without an account, which is required to perform settlement transactions. You can buy an account of several types in the U.S. - personal, for business and investment.

To create an account for the company you will need to register a legal entity beforehand. It is possible to create companies such as LLC, as well as corporations and branches. After that you can open an account with a local financial institution. You will also need a payer number registered with the tax office. This number can be obtained remotely. You will need a postal address in the States.

There are situations where banks may close an account. This can happen if the bank suspects that the transaction does not fall under the principles of safe business conduct. Some suspect that money laundering occurs. It is not recommended to withdraw large amounts of cash.

Which bank to choose

There are several well-known banks. Bank of America is the leading financial institution that serves individuals and corporations. The individual approach to each client is adapted.

It is profitable enough to create an account with Banesco USA, as the institution provides personal services on the international level. The bank has highly qualified staff. There are some requirements for the lowest deposit and account balance.

Citibank has a leading position in the banking services market, working with residents and non-residents. It is possible to manage accounts using a mobile device at any time and remotely view completed transactions.

Fremont Bank is a commercial bank located in California. It has about two dozen branches and offers a wide range of banking services and products. An online banking service is available for those who open an account to have access to assets 24 hours a day.

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