The main reasons why you should buy an account on the island of Mauritius

The main reasons why you should buy an account on the island of Mauritius

Mauritius is an island state situated at a considerable distance from the African continent. To increase the amount of investment, the country's leadership proposes to open an account on the island of Mauritius and set up companies. It is advantageous to register an offshore company on the island of Mauritius.

Unique banking services has made the jurisdiction popular for creating deposits, the offshore zone allows you to easily open an account. Most financial institutions offer advantageous conditions for creating personal and corporate accounts.

Which bank to open an account with

Before buying an account on the island of Mauritius, it is advisable to check the offerings of various well-known banks. One of the banks that offer to create an account is ABC Banking Corporation. Its advantages are that the tariffs for account maintenance are low, and it is possible to create an account and make transactions quickly enough. In addition, the level of client protection is high. In most cases, customers only need to provide a scanned copy of the documentation, which indicates the place of residence and includes a TIN number. In order to create an account for a company, the incorporation documentation is required. The bank has employees who speak English. A high level of confidentiality is ensured. Account opening can be conducted remotely.

Barclays Bank PLC ensures a high level of confidentiality as wel. The financial organization has English-speaking and French speaking employees. There is no need to provide any recommendations for account creation, it is possible to open both personal and corporate accounts. Personal visit to the bank is not required.

P.T. Bank International Indonesia is one of the leading private Indonesian banks. This financial institution has many branches, including in Mauritius. The institution offers a wide range of banking products to individual and corporate clients.

AfrAsia Bank is a major financial institution and has representative offices outside the country. It offers a wide range of services for corporate and private clients. An account can be opened remotely. The account will require a standard package of corporate documents, a certificate of the good condition of the company, statements, letters of recommendation, documents that confirm the identity, etc. To open an account with a bank in Mauritius, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Specifics of opening an account

Due to the fact that the banking sector in the country is well-developed, it is possible to choose a suitable financial institution for specific services. Almost all banks allow  to create an account remotely.

There are several advantages to opening an account in this country:

  • Measures are taken to avoid double taxation;
  • The sphere of investments is developed;
  • A system of compensation for damages caused by cataclysms has been well-developed;
  • Personal data and information about deposits are protected. 

The level of bank services is quite high and relatively low tariffs are in place. There is no system for regulating the number of currencies in the country.

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