The best offshore companies in the world in 2021

The best offshore companies in the world in 2021

There are several best offshore territories in the world in 2021. It is profitable to open a company in offshore territories, as there is an opportunity to optimize taxation, a high level of confidentiality is provided, and a business can be opened in a short period of time. Contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE to clarify all the details of company registration.


This island state is characterized a high enough general income tax, which is 25% for local and foreign companies. Despite this, it is quite profitable to register an offshore in Dominica in 2021, as the zone has no restrictions from the European Union.

Companies such as IBC are most often registered in the country. There are requirements for keeping and maintaining accounting records, bookkeeping, and filing tax returns.

The country has no charges on inheritance and wealth, while the percentage of property tax is only 1.25%. The banking sector is highly developed: you can create both corporate and personal accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts.

St. Lucia

Many businesspeople pay attention to Saint Lucia if they need to buy an offshore company in 2021. Not only can you open a non-resident firm in the territory, but you can also open an account with a prestigious financial institution.

An overseas organization contributes withholding tax if the work is done with residents of the country. The register of beneficiaries is conditionally closed. When opening an IBC, you can get an exemption from paying capital gains, royalties, and value-added tax.


It is advantageous to open an IBC in Seychelles, as it is exempt from income tax and only requires paying an annual government fee of $ 100.

The islands have well-developed infrastructure, the banking system is reliable, the legislation is transparent. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the law on the territory, it is possible to conduct business with a license. It is possible to apply a nominal service. Some offshore companies can obtain benefits. If activities are performed outside the islands, income will be taxed at a zero rate.


Opening a company in this jurisdiction is relevant when there is a need to protect assets. The territory is suitable for registering trusts and foundations. The country has access to the banking sector, where one can open an account on favorable terms, and the possibility of obtaining a license.

Most often companies such as LLC and BC are registered. Offshore organizations do not have fees on profits, capital gains, and corporate income. There is no currency control. It is important to consider that the tax system is expected to be revised.

Marshall Islands

Registering a business in this territory is beneficial because non-residents, conducting business outside the territory, can get a tax exemption.

The islands are not on the EU blacklists. It is possible to open a corporate account on favorable terms. Jurisdiction is attractive to businessmen, as it is possible to maintain confidentiality and use nominal service.

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