Personal bank account in the USA

Personal bank account in the USA

The United States of America is one of the most prestigious jurisdictions. The state has created good conditions for living and doing business. Every year the interest is growing among of foreign businessmen and many strive to open a personal account with a U.S. bank.

Opening a bank account in the U.S. is a profitable solution, an account is necessary when living in the country or doing business. You can use it to manage your own funds. It is possible to buy an account in the USA for both a company and an individual.

Open a personal bank account 

To open a personal account with a U.S. bank as an individual, you will need to collect a number of documentations. You should provide a copy of your passport and a document that confirms your address. You will also have to submit an SSN number.

If this number is not available, it is still possible for an alien to open a personal account. Please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE for detailed information.

Creating an account for personal use opens up many opportunities. It will be more relevant to conduct asset management will help of convenient Internet banking. With the help of Internet banking you can make payments within America and perform international transactions  as well as get acquainted with their list.

In addition, it is possible to use a debit card to make purchases or save money. You can use a checkbook and make transfers. It is much easier to create a personal account than a corporate account, as you must first register a business prior to getting an account.

Which bank to work with

On average, creating an account in America takes about a month. One of the banks where you can open an account is Euro Pacific Bank. This financial organization provides a wide range of services and high level of data privacy. The institution guarantees the safety of the client's information as well as  his activities. Once you decide to open an account with this bank, it will take about 24 days to review the application.

Alternative option is TD Bank. The period of account creation is about a week on average. There are no restrictions on the execution of transactions you may use both Visa and MasterCard cards. When crediting any amount to the account,  there will be a fee charged.

Citibank has one of the leading positions in the market of banking services. The institution specializes in providing services to residents and non-residents. There is a possibility to open a personal or corporate account. You can manage your funds on your mobile device. To open an account, you will be required to pass an interview.

Fremont Bank is one of the oldest institutions in California. The organization has about 20 branches with over 500 employees. The bank provides various services and quality products. It specializes in providing services to corporate and private individuals.

Bank of America offers support from the organization in opening an account. The bank is considered one of the leading banks in the world, serving private clients and companies.

The nuances of opening a personal account

To open an account with a U.S. bank, you need to compile a standard documentation package. Some banks may require some additional data. To open an account, a non-resident can visit the States with a package of documents, such as a tourist visa. An alternative option is to create an account remotely, that is, without personal presence.

There are situations when the bank can close the account without warning. This can happen if a financial institution suspects that the transaction is subjected money laundering. Another case is the withdrawal of a large sum in cash that will also cause the account to be shut down.

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