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Ready-made company in Singapore with an account

Buy a ready-made company in Singapore with an open bank account in 2021


To buy a ready-made company in Singapore with an open bank account is quite profitable. To buy a company with a bank account, contact at IT-OFFSHORE. Our specialists will help answer all your questions.

The advantages of doing business in Singapore

Many businesspeople want to buy a ready-made company in Singapore, as this jurisdiction is quite prestigious and has a good reputation. The country is politically and economically stable.

It is popular to open a bank account in Singapore in 2021, as the banking system is reliable. It is possible to choose a reliable operating financial institution, where it will be profitable to make current payments.

Due to the fact that there are more and more people willing to work with banks in Singapore, the procedure of opening accounts has become more complicated. Detailed information about the company's operations is required, and it is necessary to meet the bank's representatives in person.

To avoid such complications, you can buy a ready-made company. The most popular are ready-made companies with a history of work, which were previously owned by others. Such companies are ready to work, re-registration is carried out very quickly.

Features of buying a ready-made business

The most common way to open a limited liability company is PTE LTD. To establish such a business or buy a company will require at least one shareholder of any residency, it can be both individuals and legal entities.

At least one director of the company must be a resident of the state. It is possible to use the nominal service. When buying a ready-made business does not require the company name. All founding documents are in place.

When purchasing a ready-made company, a corporate account can be created both in Singapore and in other states. A small list of documents will be required to purchase the company - copies of the foreign passport, residence address details and a description of the planned activities.

Top 5 banks

One of the popular banks where you can open an account is the Bank of Singapore. The institution specializes mainly in private services. In addition, the bank provides individual and cash management services, investment services. This organization offers a wide range of services, which are relevant to individuals and large corporations.

OCBC Bank is the oldest bank in Singapore, which was founded in the early 30s. The institution offers a wide range of services for commercial companies, private wealth management and investment services. The bank has more than 500 branches and many representative offices in different states.

Another popular bank where you can open an account is Citibank. The institution offers deposit accounts, including in foreign currencies, and insurance.

Maybank is a licensed commercial bank. The institution is notable for its high level of service. It offers deposits and commercial services, lending, investment and insurance, and card issuance.

Standart Chartered Singapore is a popular bank offering commercial banking. There are a total of 19 branches of this bank and several dozen ATM.  

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