How to open a bank account in Poland in 2020 quickly

How to open a bank account in Poland in 2020 quickly

Accounts in Polish banks are necessary for complete business operations and good reputation of the company. To create a private or corporate account, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. Opening an offshore account in Poland is beneficial, given that the rates are attractive and the cost is relatively low.

Nuances of creating an account for non-residents

There are some features to consider before opening an account in Poland. You can create it remotely, this service is available for individuals. It is relevant among foreigners, as you do not need to come to Poland to buy an account.

All documentation and maps can be obtained from the country where the customer is located. It is possible to issue a multi-currency card with different payment systems. You may also  create an account in national currency as well as dollars or euros.

To create an account, you must first prepare the documentation. The client needs to provide his passport and TIN. When opening an account for legal entities it is required to prepare documents for the company, data on the directors and beneficiaries.

How to choose a bank

When choosing a financial institution, it is recommended to pay attention to the bank's reputation. It is always betterr to focus on those institutions that have many branches within the country, offer online banking services, and have special applications for mobile devices.

The applications should be secure so that customers can manage their funds and do not have to worry about saving them. The bank's working hours should be taken into account and it is not recommended to work with financial institutions that have been operating for less than a year. The number of branches and ATMs should be large.

A financial institution should not only have a positive reputation, but also offer good customer service conditions. The availability of online banking is a necessary service to be able to dispose funds at any time of day and night.

Popular banks

One of the well-known financial institutions is the Millennium Bank. It was founded in the late 80s. It is the third best according to the ratings and has various awards. It is convenient to open an online account with the Millenium, because it has a high degree of security and a large network of branches. The institution works with private clients and companies. It is possible to create an account in different currencies, get credit. The bank provides investment services, factoring, and leasing services. At account opening passport is required; at account registration on the firm, documents on the enterprise should be provided.

Bank Pekao S.A. has many prestigious awards and is considered one of the most innovative banks. It is possible to open an account for individuals and companies. The financial institution offers corporate and private clients to create an account with beneficial interest. There are many branches within Poland and online banking for account control.

The fourth-largest and largest online bank in Poland is mBank. It serves individuals and companies of various sizes, small businesses and large corporations. The institution has mastered the most advanced innovations and offers innovative banking products. It offers convenient online banking, and many transactions can be performed through an application.

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