Forex licence Vanuatu or Mauritius, what to choose?

Forex licence Vanuatu or Mauritius, what to choose?

Obtaining a forex licence in Vanuatu in 2020 or Mauritius is relevant, as functioning in the financial markets can bring good profits nowadays. To operate in the Forex market, you need a special licence, which can be obtained in different countries on favorable terms.

Features of obtaining a licence in Vanuatu

Obtaining a Forex licence in Vanuatu is in demand, as this jurisdiction offers loyal conditions for financial companies. There is no need to pay tax on inheritance and profits as well as capital gains.

The advantages of obtaining a permit are the following:

  • Ability to minimize the requirements for reporting documents;
  • Respectability and increased trust from partners;
  • The ability to provide advice on financial issues;
  • No requirements for the presence of an office within the country;
  • There are no strict capital requirements;
  • The right to trade on the forex market.

The main requirement for the recipient is the availability of appropriate education and experience in this field with documentary evidence. There are some requirements that must be met.

At least one director, who may be a person of any residency, is required to have a secretary. The average time to obtain documentation is about 90 days and depends on the speed of submission of required documents.

Features of obtaining a licence for Mauritius

In most offshore jurisdictions, working on the financial market requires a permit. To obtain a Mauritius Forex licence, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

The advantages of obtaining a Mauritius forex licence are the following:

  • Fast registration;
  • Opportunity to work in the most developed markets;
  • The confidence of partners and clients in the company.

Receiving the document gives the right to manage assets, consult on financial issues and perform a number of operations in the forex market. A company requires at least two resident directors and a resident secretary to be registered. It is mandatory to have a local office.

The main stages of registration

To obtain a Forex licence in Vanuatu, you need to register a company within the jurisdiction. It is possible to register a company remotely, which will reduce the time of paperwork. There are no strict requirements for legal entity, as well as no conditions for the establishment of a local office and residence of directors.

It is more difficult to open a company and obtain a licence for Mauritius. It is necessary to have an actual presence in the country and a local office. It takes an average of six months to obtain a licence in this country, buy the permit itself allows you to work in developed markets of Asia. To make a final decision on where to draw up a document, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. We will conduct an analysis and tell you in detail about the advantages of each country.

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