Vanuatu Forex License 2020 for small and medium businesses

Vanuatu Forex License 2020 for small and medium businesses

Most countries in the world are tightening requirements for obtaining Forex licenses. This is due to the fact that the number of players in the financial markets must be reduced, and their capital, on the contrary, to enlarge. The way out for small and medium businesses can be Vanuatu 2020 Forex License. It can be obtained in a short period of time and with a small start-up capital at your disposal.

Advantages of Vanuatu Forex License

The Financial Dealers Representatives licence, or Vanuatu representative licence, can be completed in just 3-5 months. Other obvious benefits include:

  • the ability to conduct international activities;
  • no ban on all forms of advertising;
  • the ability to remotely obtain a license;
  • a wide range of permitted activities: banking, brokerage, trading services, precious metals and financial markets operations;
  • loyal requirements for companies applying for a Financial Dealers license (there is no minimum amount of authorized capital and no conditions regarding the number, nationality and educational level of the founders);
  • high level of confidentiality for owners, top managers and beneficiaries;
  • zero taxation of income received outside the jurisdiction.

Vanuatu's Forex license allows not only for brokerage, but also for the management of financial assets and securities. For novice players in the financial markets, the local Financial Services Commission has another offer, more loyal in price, the Financial Dealers Principals license. Issuing such a permit will cost about $ 190.

How to get a Vanuatu Forex license

At registration of the permission for activity in sphere of the financial markets, it is better to use help of experts of company IT-OFFSHORE. We will select for you the optimal class and type of license, help you to collect a package of documents for its receipt, and, if necessary - register the business in the jurisdiction. When considering applications for a Financial Dealers license, the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission pays attention to:

  • the company's reputation and its domestic policy regarding compliance with AML and CFT international standards;
  • readiness to submit annual financial statements;
  • the presence of an office in the jurisdiction;
  • the company's business plan, financial performance and reputation;
  • qualification and experience of top managers (at least 5 years in the same field);
  • availability of a local registered agent.

The procedure for obtaining a Vanuatu Forex license from scratch includes registration of the company, submission of documents to the Financial Services Commission and, if approved, opening a corporate bank account. The documents required include: identification documents, level of education, place of residence and reputation of the founders and top managers, company's founding documents and account statements confirming its financial position. All of them must be translated into the national language and certified by a local notary.

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