European company in Poland in 24 hours

European company in Poland in 24 hours

Poland is a developing country which is located in Eastern Europe. In this jurisdiction it is relatively easy to do business, so many entrepreneurs are interested in how to buy a company or an offshore in Poland. The advantage of establishing a company is that any foreigner without a criminal record can establish a company.

Advantages of buying a company

There are many advantages to registering a company in Poland. A founder may become the full owner of a company that is entitled to work with different EU countries. The development of activities in some areas makes it possible to grant subsidies to the company and its projects. There are low tax rates for small businesses.

Here are the advantages of buying a company in Poland:

  • Stable economy;
  • High GDP level;
  • Well-developed infrastructure;
  • No requirements for investing and buying real estate to obtain a residence permit;
  • Availability of qualified personnel in the labour market;
  • Ability to obtain a license for some types of activities. 

The country has quite beneficial location. Across the territory, there is a system of freight flow between the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

The basic organizational-legal forms

Before buying a company in Poland, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic legal forms. All foreigners who have a residence permit have the right to run a business in the same way as citizens. Foreigners who do not have a visa may register companies only in certain forms - partnership, limited liability company,  and a joint-stock company.

The most popular form is a limited liability company whose main advantage is that it requires small authorized capital. There are also no restrictions on the conduct of a business or the minimum liability of participants in the conduct of activities.

Conditions for registration

There must be at least one founder when registering a company. The smallest share capital is approximately 1200 euros. It is obligatory to obtain a TIN, which is issued once during the registration of the company. On average, the registration takes up to 14 days. For more information about the registration, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Once all the necessary data is provided, certain documents - the company’s charter, list of founders, application for capital contribution, address of residence - are prepared. After successful registration the person receives the Charter of the company - an extract from the registry with information about the company.

Taxation and reporting

In Poland, it is quite advantageous to register a company, as one of the most loyal systems of taxation is operating the country. The corporate tax rate is 15%. According to novelties in legislation, legal entities can register a company to the country and pay the fee at a rate of 9%. This tax applies to companies that have a relatively low annual turnover.

There are other taxes that apply in the country. These include VAT (23% rate), exit duty, capital tax, and tax on the ownership of large immovable property.

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