Bank account in Poland in 2019 to a non-resident

Bank account in Poland in 2019 to a non-resident

Often, immigrants face the need to open their own bank account. Usually it arises when you need to work in Poland, when buying real estate, starting a business or taking a loan. Regardless of which page a foreigner has arrived in, in order to perform most financial transactions, he will need to open his own account or get a bank card.

Features of opening an account in a bank in Poland

The main advantage of opening an account in a Polish bank is a well-developed banking system. It presents the branches of many well-known financial institutions in Europe. You can also choose Polish banks to open an account. When choosing, you should consider whether a financial institution works with clients who do not have a residence permit or a permanent place of residence, what is the cost of service, whether online banking is offered.

Some banks offer a free issuance of a card with no commission fees provided that the customer makes transactions a month for a certain amount. In addition, it is desirable to have an Internet bank and the opportunity to transfer money from one account to another free of charge, withdraw cash.

What documents may be required to issue an invoice to an individual:
• International passport;
• Information about parents (name of mother, father, mother's maiden name);
• Registration address;
• data on the employer;
• Polish phone number - it is needed for the account activation procedure;
• Address for correspondence in the country of opening the account.

The average time of issuing a plastic card takes about a week. The finished product comes in an envelope in the mail. In addition, the user receives an envelope with a password and login to enter the LC.

Opening an account for the company and taking a loan

Opening an account in Poland is somewhat more difficult for a company than for a private individual. To create a corporate account, you need to submit a certificate of registration of the company, copies of the company's Charter, pre-certified documents of the organization’s representatives.

You should clarify in advance which banks can provide the service remotely. In this case, you will need to fill out a form on the website, sign contracts that will arrive with a courier. You can get advice on opening an account in Poland for individuals and legal entities from IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

If you have an account, the client can get a loan from a Polish bank. Plus this opportunity - low lending rates. However, when receiving a loan for the first time, its amount is likely to be small, since there is no data on the credit history in this state. However, in the event of successful loan repayment, it will be possible to count on a larger loan. The highest interest on the loan is set for cash loans - up to 11% per annum. Target housing loan (mortgage) - on average up to 5% per annum.

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