Quick solution: buy a ready-made company in UK with open bank account

Quick solution: buy a ready-made company in UK with open bank account

It is profitable to buy a ready-made company in UK with an open account. This option allows you to avoid tax charges when doing business outside the country; there is a possibility of using nominal service. It is allowed to conduct any activity that is not prohibited by the corresponding law. Some types of businesses may require an additional permit.

The advantages of starting a company

Many businesspeople strive to buy a ready-made company in the UK with an open account. The jurisdiction is prestigious, and there are no restrictions on working with English firms. The country has concluded double taxation avoidance agreements with a number of countries. It is possible to use nominal service.

There are no requirements for a director’s residency when registering a business. When working outside the country, it is possible to fully exempt a company from tax. The cost of registration is low and a company can be re-registered in a few days.

The basic legal form for business

It is possible to buy a private company with limited liability or partnership. PLC must have corporate documents in English. Such companies may not conduct work related to banking, insurance, fund management, etc.

The authorized capital is usually 100 GBP. There are requirements to have a registered office in the country. The name must be made up of Latin letters. The registration process takes about 2 days.

Companies of LLP type may not be involved in banking business, insurance, and fund management. This LLP has no authorized capital. It is required to have a registered office within the country. The name of the partnership must be composed of letters of the Latin alphabet.

Peculiarities of doing business

When buying a ready-made business, the future owner is given the statutory documents, certificate of registration, partnership agreement, foundation agreement, etc. It is allowed to use nominal service when conducting business. There is an opportunity to be released from the obligation to conduct an audit. Before buying a company, the client should make sure that the legal entity has no debts and the reputation is positive.

It is enough to submit reports within the established deadlines with the reflection of transactions to confirm the activity of the company. Buying a ready-made business allows you to start operating immediately.

Some banks issue loans only to firms with good reputation, as well as those that have existed for a long time. Hence, if you need to formalize the loan in the future, it is recommended to pay attention to the ready-made options. To get answers to your questions about buying a company, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

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