Options for opening bank accounts in 2019

Options for opening bank accounts in 2019

It is now quite difficult to issue an account for offshore, with the tendency to close old accounts and the refusal of many banks to continue cooperation with some entrepreneurs. In this case, the owners of offshore companies need to look for new options for creating accounts - in some jurisdictions they can be opened in a short time.

Features of opening accounts in 2019

It is quite difficult to open a bank account in 2019 for an offshore company, however, there are several design options in different jurisdictions.

What options are currently on the market:

• Accounts in various payment systems - there are a large number of different financial institutions on the market, ready to open settlement accounts for offshore companies. Jurisdictions where entrepreneurs open these accounts - Lithuania, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus. Approximate cost - 300 - 3000 euros. Opening date - 3 - 14 days.

• Accounts in Kyrgyzstan banks. The opening cost is 2200 euros, there is the possibility of opening by proxy, without a personal presence in a financial institution. Documents are reviewed relatively quickly.

• Opening an account with a financial institution in Kazakhstan - the opening price is 2,200 euros. There is the possibility of opening by proxy. The time limit for creating an account is up to one month.

• Opening of accounts in banks of Macedonia. The opening cost is 2,000 euros. Be sure to personal presence of the client at registration. The terms on average are up to one month.

• Making a bank account in Hungary. Opening cost - 1950 Euro. A client’s personal arrival at a financial institution is required. Account opening time is 3-4 weeks.

There are various options for billing and acquiring, even for relatively risky activities - for example, associated with cryptocurrency. For more information, contact our IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

In which countries you can open an account - TOP 5 options

One of the popular options is creating an account in Macedonia. This state has a positive trend of economic growth, the banks offer many affordable services. The term for opening an account is relatively short, usually around 2 weeks.

Another option is to create an account in Kazakhstan. One of the famous banks - Center Credit. It has many branches. Beforehand, a large package of documents should be collected, including data on beneficiaries, description of activities, information on the structure of the company, sources of income, etc. It is possible to manage accounts remotely from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

In Hungary, there is also the possibility of creating such an account. This state is actively developing various sectors of the economy, the main difference of the country is that it is quite loyal to offshore companies.

Switzerland is a jurisdiction that is distinguished by respectability, in the country it is possible to open an account for a partnership in CIM-bank. Before processing it is important to consider that the bank carefully checks the beneficiaries, as well as the activities of its customers.

In Belarus, you can open an account for a partnership and an offshore company. The average time for consideration of an application is about 2 weeks. To register an offshore, a personal visit by the beneficiary may be necessary.

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