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Forex License in Vanuatu

Cheapest Forex License in Vanuatu

23. 08. 2019

Forex is a global currency market where operations are carried out to purchase or sell the main types of currency. Forex can be considered an over-the-counter market, which is compared to a worldwide informal network of trade relations. In the market, various trading operations related to currency are made.

Pros of opening a company in Vanuatu

Now Vanuatu is considered one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions - you can get the most inexpensive Forex license, which can be quoted worldwide.

What are the advantages of creating an organization in Vanuatu:
• It is not required to pay high tax rates;
• High level of confidentiality;
• The registration procedure does not take much time;
• Accounting may not be required;
• Lack of currency control.

To obtain a Forex license, you will need to open an organization. The minimum number of shareholders is 1; it is allowed that the shareholder be both an individual and a legal entity. No residency requirements. Corporate directors allowed.

There are no requirements for the size of the minimum authorized capital. A company incorporated in this jurisdiction may not be subject to taxation. The main advantage of obtaining a forex license in Vanuatu is that there are no residency requirements for directors and owners of the company. In addition, registration is done in a short time, and permission allows you to work in any country.

There are no audit requirements; accounting is not necessary. There is no requirement for a local office. The price of obtaining a license in Vanuatu is much lower in comparison with other jurisdictions.

Nuances of obtaining a license

To register a company and obtain a license, you will need to collect a number of documentation. You must provide a copy of your passport, which is certified by a notary public for each beneficiary.

In addition, a document should be submitted that confirms the registration address of each of the beneficiaries. A receipt for the payment of housing services, extracts from the bank, from the registration book, etc. can be presented. It is possible to submit a residence permit from an internal passport. Documents must be submitted with translation into English; notarized certification is required. You also need a document confirming that there is no criminal record.

In Vanuatu, you can get a license for Forex broker and Binary options in a short period of time - on average, the receipt time is 2-3 months. If you need to obtain a license for Vanuatu, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you to find the answer to your questions.

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