Registration of offshore companies in Gibraltar 2019

Registration of offshore companies in Gibraltar 2019

The peninsula of Gibraltar is located in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, its area is approximately 7 km 2. This peninsula meets the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is known not only as a place for tourism, but also as a jurisdiction for business registration.

Documents for registration of the company

Registering a company on the peninsula is a popular procedure. This is due to the fact that the registration is relatively inexpensive, in addition, it is required to pay low taxes. The official language is English. There are no restrictions on trading outside the jurisdiction. A license is required only for some companies - for example, those who provide banking or insurance services.

There are several types of companies. Depending on the type of organization, a package of papers may be different. Types of companies:
• Micro - turnover of not more than 632 thousand pounds, a balance of no more than 316 thousand pounds, employees no more than 10;
• Low - turnover does not exceed 10.2 million pounds, the balance is not more than 5.1 million pounds, employees are not more than 50;
• Medium - turnover not higher than 36 million pounds, balance not more than 18 million pounds, employees not more than 250;
• Big - turnover exceeds 36 million pounds, the balance exceeds 18 million pounds, employees are more than 250.

All companies must submit reports for the year, as well as tax returns. Small and micro organizations may submit a reduced consolidated balance sheet; large companies must fully prepare annual reports.

Features of organization registration

An offshore company registered in Gibraltar should not provide services to the population of the peninsula. In addition, the organization can not conduct activities related to the provision of a legal address to other organizations, as well as to own real estate.

Most often, a company with an OPF of a non-resident company (NRC) opens to conduct international business. Allowed to engage in only permitted activities, some of which require a license. The office of the company must be registered in the territory of jurisdiction.

There must be at least one director and shareholder, who may be a natural or legal person. A person who has Gibraltar citizenship or a residence permit in the territory has no right to be the director of the organization. Information about shareholders, as well as transactions conducted at the bank, is not subject to disclosure, with the exception of a court decision.

Registration is organized in several stages. The name in the register is preliminarily checked, after which it is required to collect all the documentation and pay the registration fees. Information about the company is entered in a special registry. Consult with our IT - OFFSHORE specialists for opening a company on the peninsula.

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