Company Registration in Bulgaria in 2019

Company Registration in Bulgaria in 2019

The main advantages of opening a company in Bulgaria are the country's investment policy, transparent laws, and a high standard of living. In this regard, this jurisdiction is considered by entrepreneurs as a state for doing business. However, in order to develop an activity, it is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of registration, tax rules. You can get advice and answers to your questions from our IT - OFFSHORE specialists.

Organization and features of doing business

This jurisdiction is attractive for opening a company, as it is notable for clear taxation, good geographical position. Entrepreneurs are required to pay tax on income from commerce - 10%. The same rate is provided for corporate tax, value added tax is 20%.

In which areas is profitable to open a business:
• Building;
• Tourism;
• Chemical industry;
• Textile manufacture.

The conditions for doing business are quite loyal. In total, according to the laws of jurisdiction, several OPFs can be distinguished, which are allowed for establishment by non-residents.

The main ones are:
• Gathering society - at least two founders are required, the minimum capital is not set;
• Joint-stock company - individuals and legal entities can be founders. At least 50,000 leva is required for opening;
• limited partnership and CD with shares;
• LLC - a minimum capital from 2 lev is required;
• Private entrepreneur - may be established by a foreigner who has a permanent residence in a jurisdiction, or a resident of the country.

For the full work of the company is required to open a bank account. According to the latest data, there are now thirty financial institutions operating in the jurisdiction. To select the direction of the company, it is recommended to study the market, if you have any questions, contact the IT - OFFSHORE specialists.

Company registration

The first step is to create and register a unique company name. After that, you need to determine the OPF for the company. For registration, a mandatory legal address is required.

For full-fledged work, registration of the company in relevant instances is required, presence of seals of legal entities and stamps is required, an account with a financial institution is required.

Visa application

In order to fully carry out commercial activities in the state, a businessman may need to apply for a visa. For this you need to collect the required documentation package and send it to the embassy. One of the main documents is an invitation to the organization or a partner invitation.

For registration, you will need to fill out a special form, submit information about tickets, booked hotel, color photograph, passport, invitation and insurance, as well as data confirming the availability of money.

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