Opening an account in Denmark in 2020: which bank to choose?

Opening an account in Denmark in 2020: which bank to choose?

Denmark is a European country as well as a member of the EU. Financial institutions in the jurisdiction comply with EU service regulations. To open an account in Denmark, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE. Our specialists will provide up-to-date information on the country's banks and help you choose the right account.

The advantage of creating an account in Denmark is that the country's financial institutions pay high-interest rates on deposits, have high reliability and ensure confidentiality.

Advantages of a bank account in Denmark

Denmark is a country with a minimum level of corruption. The country has stable economic system and GDP growth. Purchasing an account in Denmark is profitable, as the price of banking services is relatively low.

The banking system is well developed. The country is characterized by the transparency of tax legislation. It is profitable to register a business in the jurisdiction. Some financial institutions have staff that serves clients in the Russian language. Most banks provide online banking services.

Which bank in Denmark to choose

There are only a few popular institutions where it is profitable to register an account with an offshore company in Denmark. The largest financial institution is Nordea Bank Danmark, where almost a third of the country's residents register their bank accounts. To register an account, you first need to make a payment of 100 euros.

Another popular financial institution is Jyske Bank. The bank provides registration services to individuals and legal entities. The institution is also known for a high level of confidentiality.

Saxo Bank is a relevant option among non-residents. It provides security and safety of personal information. The initial fee starts at 10 thousand euros. The cost of the provided services is about 150 euros annually.

It is rather difficult to open an account in Denmark. You need to prepare documentation and fill out a questionnaire. Incorrectly filled-in documents may result in the institution’s refusal to create an account.

How to open a bank account

The creation of an account in Denmark is beneficial for entrepreneurs, as the country is a member of the EU and overall has a favorable location. The banking system in Denmark is quite independent of the Danish government. To open a corporate account in this country, you need visit the bank in person or use the services of agents.

It is necessary to present your passport, documents about the company  as well as a document confirming the permission to speak on behalf of the organization. Many banks require an initial fee of 2000 Euros or more. The conditions for maintaining personal and corporate accounts vary from organization to organization.

The main condition for issuing an invoice to companies with foreign capital or to offshore companies is the presence of an innovative idea for business development. That is, the company’s activity ought to be beneficial for the state. In addition, it is required to submit the data of the founders of the company as well as the license for the activity of the organization.

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