Bank account in Canada in 2019 - Toronto Dominion Bank

Bank account in Canada in 2019 - Toronto Dominion Bank

Toronto-Dominion Bank is one of the largest financial holdings in Canada, which provides a variety of services - banking, insurance, and investment. To work with this organization, the client must first perform a number of actions, including submitting information about himself. To find out the details of opening an account, please contact our IT - OFFSHORE specialists. We will answer your questions.

Bank activity and account opening features

Toronto-Dominion Bank was formed in the mid-50s. as a result of the merger of two banks - Toronto and Dominion Bank. At this time, the organization had over 400 branches. In the 70s, in addition to offices in London and New York, branches appeared in Bangkok, Frankfurt and other cities.

Bank units are engaged in the provision of financial services - issuing credit cards, car loans. Provide insurance services, as well as services for financial corporations and institutions. In the list of publicly traded companies in the world for 2016, the bank ranked 67th.

When registering a company in Canada, you will need a bank account, one of the options is to create an account in the Toronto-Dominion Bank. It serves individuals and legal entities, as well as state and municipal entities. It has a large number of units.

What does the bank offer:
• Opening a corporate account remotely;
• Creating a deposit account with interest;
• Investing in a business;
• Financing;
• International transfer services;
• Insurance and consulting services.

The opening time of the account is about two weeks after the client has collected a complete package of documents - personal information and information about the corporation. After creating an account, the user receives data to access online banking.

Opening Features

The advantages of opening an account are that you can create an account in US dollars, Canadian dollars. The country has a strong financial system. The account opens relatively quickly.
To consult on opening issues, you can contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists to clarify the package of required documents and the cost of services.

When opening a bank account may require copies of passport, identification documents of the applicant. Some documents will need to be notarized. In addition, you need an application for opening an account, information about the place of residence. If a bank account is opened for a legal entity, additional corporate documents and other documentation may be requested at the discretion of the bank.

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