Buy a company and open an account in Canada

Buy a company and open an account in Canada

Canada is the second largest country after Russia. It includes three territories, which are divided into provinces. Jurisdiction is distinguished by a large number of useful resources - it extracts valuable resources. The largest cities where you can open a business are Toronto, Winnipeg.

Advantages of business registration in the country

This jurisdiction is popular for opening a company among businessmen who plan to optimize the tax system of their business, as well as gain prestigious status. Differences of discovery in registration flexibility.

What are the advantages of registration:
• There is no need to keep financial statements.
• No audit organization required.
• There is no currency control.
• The economy is developed in jurisdictions.
• Flexible payment terms of share capital.

In addition, the country has a low corporate tax. This country is one of the most promising jurisdictions for investment. The country is respectable, politically stable, competitive in production.

Features of starting a business

Canada is a federal state. According to the ratings, the country is considered one of the best for doing business. It protects the personal freedom of citizens, as well as their investments and the right to property. The level of bureaucracy is minimal; therefore, opening a company and accounts in this country is especially in demand.

There are three main forms of registration - federal, provincial, EPC. Features of registration of a federal organization - a high level of protection, the possibility of doing business in any place of jurisdiction, you can open a company with a name, with at least a quarter of directors must be Canadians.

The nuances of registering a provincial organization are that it does not require Canadian citizenship for directors, but a local registered agent is required in some provinces. You can do business within the province.
EPC is a license to operate in a particular province. The peculiarity of the receipt is that there are no requirements for citizenship of directors, there is no tax on profits received outside the country.

The most popular form is LP. Basic requirements for registration:

• The name should reflect the legal form (LP).
• If the founder is an individual, then it can be immediately limited and general partner in one person.
• If the partnership is registered by a legal entity, then at least one general partner is required, a limited partner is also required.
• General partners are fully liable for debts and obligations of the partnership.

To register a company in Canada and open an account for a legal entity there, contact the IT -OFFSHORE - our specialists will answer your questions.

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