How to register a company in Dubai in 2019

How to register a company in Dubai in 2019

Before registering a company in Dubai, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the main pros and cons of this action. Due to its geographical location, Dubai has become a strategic center for work in various fields of activity. Actual development of international trade, tourism. Thanks to the nearby large airport and access to the sea, international transport is possible.

Benefits of registering a company in Dubai

Over time, the UAE has become a center of commerce. The most developed areas in the country were tourism services, export and import operations, financial services.

What are the advantages of starting a business in the country:

• Convenient territorial location - the ability to attract foreign investment, conduct different business lines, developed infrastructure, close proximity to the airport;
• Lack of taxation for a number of areas of activity - there is no tariff on income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax and VAT;
• The possibility of obtaining a resident visa - if you have a business in the UAE, you can get a resident visa for yourself and family members. This visa allows you to be serviced in UAE banks, rent real estate, etc. There is also the possibility of obtaining a free visa;
• High level of quality of life. Jurisdiction is considered one of the countries where the best living conditions are provided.

The main reason why many businessmen choose this country for starting a business is the constant development of the country, stability from the economic side.

Features of business registration

Before registering a company, it is recommended to choose a field of activity. There are different types of organizations that are available for registration in Dubai. This organization can operate within the territory of the UAE. Offshore companies are registered in the jurisdiction, but work outside it. Free Zone Company may operate in the Dubai Free Zone. You can also open a subsidiary, branch or obtain the status of individual entrepreneurs.

When choosing a company, one should take into account not only the direction of work, but also other factors. To consult and get answers to your questions, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.
There are several stages to registering an organization in a jurisdiction.

It is necessary to choose the type of business, reserve the name of the company before the registration procedure, draw up a Memorandum and Articles of Association, redirect the required documents to the relevant authorities, and register. You will need to get a license.

Depending on the type of business, a license may be required. It can be commercial, industrial or professional. The process of obtaining a license comes to an end along with the registration of the organization. A license is required no matter where the business was registered.

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