How to open an anonymous bank account in 2019

How to open an anonymous bank account in 2019

Currently, it is not possible to open a bank account for a non-resident or resident, which allows you to avoid publicity of information about transfers and some other operations.

It is important to note that licensed organizations do not open anonymous accounts without specifying data on the beneficiary, and the user is obliged to inform the tax authorities about their accounts that are opened abroad. Many individuals use cryptocurrency accounts to maintain confidentiality. If the funds are withdrawn to a bank account, the assets cease to be anonymous.

Features offshore banking

There are various reasons why a person plans to open a bank account - business expansion, asset protection, confidentiality. There are several advantages to opening an offshore or foreign account.

Main advantages:
• Asset protection by opening an account abroad;
• asset diversification;
• High interest rates in foreign financial institutions.
• Ability to reduce financial risks by opening reserve accounts.

To consult on opening an anonymous bank account, contact our IT-OFFSHORE specialists. We will help determine the list of documents, advise the best option, taking into account the situation and the wishes of the client.

Options for opening an anonymous account

If you need to open a confidential account, one of the options may be a payment system. This tool is capable of providing financial management services with the exception of lending. The advantages of registering for the resident are that there is no exchange of transaction data that would work in automatic mode.

An alternative is to register an offshore bank account in a cryptocurrency. This option allows you to save money on an electronic wallet, to perform various operations. Transactions are carried out without the participation of intermediaries, which has a positive effect on the costs for the commission. Each operation is accompanied by a protective combination (password).

Opening a confidential account abroad is considered one of the options to protect finances, to make a plan for future investments in real estate objects and business. The registration of the classic offshore is most often carried out in Nevis.

To open an account, information will be requested to identify the client. A package of papers depends on the option of registering an account, you may need data on the client’s activities, citizenship, etc.

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