How to start a business in Canada if you are a foreigner?

How to start a business in Canada if you are a foreigner?

A popular question is how to open a business abroad. One of the countries where many entrepreneurs want to start a business is Canada. The jurisdiction is distinguished by a developed infrastructure, state support is provided, and quite preferential taxation is in effect.

The advantages of registering business in the country

If the person is a resident of a CIS member state, there are some advantages to developing a business in Canada. The country provides support to small businesses, including those who are investors.

There is a preferential taxation for organizations that do not work in the country, you can legally reduce the tax base on personal income. As part of the startup’s opening, there is access to soft loans. The conditions for the size of the authorized capital are minimal. Subsequently, it is possible to get a business visa.

Why expand your existing business and register an organization in Canada:
• To be able to enter the Canadian market;
• To gain access to the international market.

It makes sense to expand the organization to businessmen who want to work with customers from the United States of America. In the country you can get a soft loan or become a member of the state program.

There are pluses for registering new startups. A person can receive support in the form of investments. If you create your own organization in Canada, you can obtain resident status and apply for a visa. In the early years, you can receive part of the funds in the form of reimbursement for accommodation, researcher work and educational services.

How to grow your business in Canada

In some provinces of the country, it is possible to register as an entrepreneur, while it is not necessary to be a resident of the country. You must know the language of the state (English), or French. You will need to pass special tests.

Subsequently, you should find freelance projects in Canada or with the participation of residents. You need to participate in their startups or create new ones. If all the requirements are met, it is possible to register as an individual entrepreneur. If you have questions and need advice, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

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