Quickly register a company in Ireland in 2019

Quickly register a company in Ireland in 2019

Despite the fact that Ireland has a small area, business development is relevant in jurisdiction. This country is one of the most developed in the EU. Recently, there has been a growth in the country's economy, and registering a company in a jurisdiction has become a popular service.

The advantages of registering a company in Ireland

Most often, the businessmen for registration choose the following legal form - a private limited company (Ltd).

The main advantages of registration:
• Stability and openness of the economy;
• Growing production figures;
• The country is a member of the EU, which gives the entrepreneur access to the market in the EU;
• The country has developed infrastructure;
• The ability to hire highly qualified personnel, a large number of personnel in the labor market;
• Government support when working in the field of high technologies.

The country has a relatively low corporate tax rate of 12.5%, for some companies it is possible to use a preferential rate of 10%. There is no currency control, as well as restrictions on the export and import of products. Jurisdictions have double taxation agreements.

Requirements and taxation

According to the legislation of the jurisdiction, the organization must comply with certain rules - it is necessary to keep records in the accounting department, to keep documents in the registered office, in addition, it is required to submit financial statements every year and undergo audit checks. More detailed requirements can be clarified with our specialists in IT-OFFSHORE.

What taxes need to be paid:
• Corporate tax - for trade companies - 12.5%, for non-trade organizations - 25%;
• The rate for incoming dividends is 0%;
• Capital gains rate - 33%;
• Value added tax on sales that are produced domestically - 23%.

Some R & D expenses may be granted a tax credit of 25%. A reduced income tax rate may be in effect within the “Knowledge Development” block.

Registration Features

To register a company, at least 2 directors are required, one of whom must be an EU citizen. Legal entities cannot act as directors. Registration of the company's office with the company's registration office in Ireland is required, the address must be within the jurisdiction.

The location of the office can be changed, but you must submit information to the registration desk. Each company must have a secretary, its functions can be performed by the director. Information on shareholders and directors is publicly available.

Meetings of shareholders and directors can be organized anywhere in the world. If a company has an Irish registration, it must submit annual reports, as well as information about shareholders and directors. An auditor is required. When choosing a company name, it is not allowed to use offensive or obscene words, as well as the words “Bank”, “Empire”, “Crown”, etc.

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